Is the Trainline App down or Not Working Today? Easiest Ways to Fix!

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Is the Trainline App Not Working? Is it behaving abnormally or not letting you sign in to your account? Or is your payment getting failed on this app?

There can be a lot of problems with this app that you can face. But don’t worry if you are facing issues with its functionality then, here you will get solutions to all problems related to the functionality of the Trainline app.

Here are a few problems related to the app that you may face, as a user:

  1. The Trainline app is not showing tickets.
  1. Trainline app not showing trains.
  1. The Trainline app payment not working.
  1. The Trainline app not showing railcard.
  1. can’t add a railcard to the Trainline app.
  1. The Trainline app not working on iPhone.
  1. The Trainline app not working on Android.

Let’s discuss all these issues and get solutions.

What is Trainline App?

As it has the name, the Trainline app is used to book tickets, but not only for trains, you can also book tickets using this app for buses. This app has many other features like live train time, Flexi seasonal tickets, and many more.

This application is available in almost all popular European countries. You can also search for train companies as this application allows you to do this.

As it has many features in it, users love to use it without any doubt. But, what if you try to open the application to book your train tickets, and the application starts behaving abnormally and does not let you open it. This will of course frustrate you.

If you’re facing issues with the app, let’s see how you can fix them. But, before that, let’s see what things can affect the app’s functionality.

Why is the Trainline App Not Working?

Trainline App Not Working

Causes could be any of the following:

  • Your internet connection may be unstable or disconnected.
  • The application cache may get corrupted.
  • Server issue with the platform.
  • Your device has an older version of its software.
  • The date and time settings are incorrect.

Moreover, if you are facing payment issues, then this can be due to incorrect payment details, or an issue with your payment platform.

How to Fix the Trainline App Not Working?

Here are the simple stocks that you should perform if you are facing issues with the Trainline app:

Check your internet

Cross-check if your device is connected to the internet or not. Power cycle your internet device. Use a mobile hotspot instead of your home network or mobile data.

Clear App cache

The cache may corrupt and cause issues with the app. Clear the cache of the application stored on your device and try again to see if this helps to fix the issue or not.

For Android devices:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Search for the Trainline app and click on it.
  • On the below-right corner of the screen, click on clear cache and hit ok.

For iPhone:

Choose settings-> scroll down and choose Trainline app-> turn on clear app cache on next launch.

If this option is not available, then delete the app and reinstall it to delete the cache.

Check Server

Head on to Google or the search engine you use and search for “Trainline server status”. Select a platform and see if any server issue is ongoing with the Trainline app or not.

You can also check Trainline’s official social media pages for any padres related to the server issues.

If many users are reporting issues with the server, then this can be the cause. 

Wait for some time, and try again as no workarounds will help if this is the case.

Check for Updates

Update your device software as well as the application to its latest version. Installing the latest version of the application or updating your device’s software to its latest version may solve the issue for you. 

Check Time and Date Settings

Services of the app are limited for some countries, so make sure that the time and date settings are correctly set according to your country or region. Incorrect settings may lead to issues and the platform may start behaving abnormally.

Also, check if accidentally, you have enabled any VPN or GPS application. This may also cause problems, so disable such types of apps or software.

Note: If nothing helps, uninstall and reinstall the application. You can also contact Trainline Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Trainline app is not showing tickets?

This could happen if you are not using the account that you have used to create your account. So make sure to use the same account to sign in that you had used to book your tickets. You will get your tickets in “My Tickets”.

Trainline app not showing trains, why?

The application server could be down, or maybe, you are selecting the wrong location.

Trainline app payment not working, Why?

This may happen if you select the wrong card that Trainline does not accept or if you are entering the wrong payment details. Additionally, if your card details are wrong or if your card is expired, you may face a payment issue with Tarinline.

The Trainline app not showing railcard, Why?

You can see railcards only if you are logged in to the account using which the railcards have been purchased. So, check if you are logged in to the same account that was used to purchase the railcard- if the rail card is not showing to the Trainline app.

Can’t add a railcard to the Trainline app, how do I fix it?

Railcards can be added if you have a passenger account. So, to add a railcard, create a passenger account, or use an existing passenger account.

Unable to log in to the Trainline account, what to do?

Check your sign-in details. Also, check if the platform is facing any server issues or not. If there is a server problem, you can’t sign in till it is rectified.

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