Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working [How To Fix]

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Is your Toshiba fire stick remote not working and creating annoyance? Well, Toshiba is one of the leading companies in electronic devices in today’s time. When we talk about fire stick then it is one of the leading streaming devices and it gives a very nice experience whenever any user is trying to watch or stream anything with the help of fire stick on their smart TV or other devices.

As for the Toshiba fire stick and its services then there is some problem with it as reported by the users as the users have come up with the complaint that the Toshiba fire TV remote is not working. what is this problem about and why does it occur the most important factor that how to overcome this problem is all this article is about.

Causes When Toshiba Fire TV Remote may Stop Working

Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working

Generally Toshiba fire TV remote is a good replacement whenever you are trying to replace your damaged or disrupted Fire TV remote. Toshiba and insignia TV’s goes well with it and you can it with any other TVs as well. 

It can be very well connected with Bluetooth or IR technologies and it is very used of friendly with great functionalities. But the drawback pointers just like any other device cause some problems in functionalities as well. One of them is the Toshiba fire TV remote not working.

Why does the issue occur and what are the causes behind it are discussed in the next section.

Well, the problem lies with the Toshiba fire TV remote not getting connected or not working and there can be a few reasons behind this. 

Some of the reasons for the said problems can be Stated as follows:

  • The major reason behind the occurrence of this issue is that the TV is not working properly.
  • Another reason for this problem to occur is the Toshiba fire TV remote is fine but the buttons on it or not working properly. 
  • Another very simple cause for this issue is that the batteries in the remote are at fault.

Hence, these are the few causes of the said issue and these are very much the face of the fact. It is time to know how can we solve the said problem. 

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Fix: Toshiba fire TV Remote Not Working

Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working fix

As it has been said that this issue may be caused by several reasons and all those reasons have been seated in the above section but here we are going to focus on the solutions we can resort to so that we can provide simple and easy solutions steps to the users to get over this problem.

These solutions measure the stated as follows:

Power Cycle Your device

It may be a problem with your device. You may try to power cycle the device that you are using and start afresh after doing a power cycle. Just turn off your TV or your device, and let the plug out. Now, wait for some time, plug in your device again, and see if this helps.

So, your fire stick device or TV, whatever device you use to get entertained, should be a power cycle if you are not being able to connect or pair the fire stick remote to the said device.

Update Your TV

It can be the case that your TV needs an update. You need to check for regular updates for your TV as a smart TV works a bit differently than a normal TV and a smart TV needs regular updates which you should check and do regularly.

Make sure that you have the latest and updated version of your TV and then you are trying to connect your Toshiba fire stick with your TV and even if it does not work then you can move on to the next solution.

Factory Reset Your Remote

Maybe the problem lies with the remote and not the TV. In that case, you need to factory reset your remote. You can do that by removing the battery reason switching off the remote for some time and then, you can again put the batteries in it and try to use the remote.

If there is a problem with the buttons or keys on the remote then make sure to change it so that the remote will function properly. Hence, a complete factory reset of the remote may help you get rid of the problem.

Change The Batteries of the Remote

Maybe the batteries you are using in the remote have been exhausted. In this case, changing them and putting in new batteries may help to run or work your remote properly.

We Hope, these all the solution steps helped you to fix the problem of the Toshiba Fire TV Remote not working.

Final Words

Even after trying all the solutions, you do not get the fixed your problem means the remote is still not working then, you may contact support or even you can call a repairman to solve this problem. Now, this is a hardware problem or some circuit issue that can be solved by a professional or experienced repairman.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the setup button on the Toshiba Fire TV remote?

Go to the menu button on the remote and press the setup option from there.

Why did the Toshiba fire TV remote stop working?

The main reason that the Toshiba fire TV remote stopped working is the improper setting of the batteries or the batteries not working.

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