How to Pair Firestick Remote with TV? Fix Firestick Remote won’t pair.

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How to Pair Firestick Remote with TV? Firestick remote can give you the amazing feel of what you can experience on a smart TV. If you do not have a smart TV and you want to enjoy the experience then, you may attach a fire stick to your TV. Connecting the fire stick remote to your TV is the topic of discussion in this article. 

If you lost the connection of your fire stick to your TV or your fire stick got disrupted or your fire stick is broken or lost, in any of these cases, there is a problem of disconnection of your fire stick with the TV. In that case, you need to rebuild the connection of your fire stick with the TV. 

Many users have complained that they are not being able to connect their fire take with the TV. This is not an easy process but this can be done the users who do not have the patience and the consistency to connect their fire stick to the TV are the ones who feel that they are unable to do so.

Have some patience and bear with this article to connect your fire stick to the TV, successfully.

It’s time to know how to pair the fire stick remote with the TV and we will talk about it in the coming section.

How to Pair Firestick Remote with TV?

How to Pair Fire stick Remote

To connect or pair the fire stick remote to your TV, you can follow the below mention steps:

  • First of all, locate the ‘home’ button on your fire stick remote.
  • Press and hold the home button for at least 20 seconds.
  • After holding the home button for 20 seconds you will see that it has started blinking.
  • Then wait for 30 seconds or so before starting to use the remote.

After finishing this process you should see a ‘remote connected’ pop up on your TV screen which means that the connection of the fire stick with your TV is successful and the Bluetooth connectivity is installed. 

All this process will require a lot of time and effort and patience from your side because the connection of the fire stick with the TV does not get successful in one single attempt. It may take several attempts to finally get this thing done so do not give up and lose your patience until you are done.

There is also a problem with your fire stick not getting connected or paired with the TV. These problems and the troubleshooting measures are discussed in the next segment.

How to troubleshoot the problem of the fire stick remote not getting connected to the TV?

How to Fix Firestick Remote won't pair

If you have tried to pair your Firestick remote with your TV several times and even after a lot of attends it did not get successful then, there may be some problem with the process and you may try some solution measures to get over such problem. 

These solution measures are as follows:

Power cycle your TV or fire stick device

It may be the problem in your device to which you are trying to connect your fire stick remote or your TV in general. You may try to power cycle your device and start afresh with the process. just turn off your TV and let the plug out, wait for some time and plug in your TV and start it again.

Doing this will reset your connection just like a modem or a router. Your fire stick device or TV, whatever you are using to connect the fire stick remote should we power cycle if you are not being able to connect or pair the fire stick remote to the said device.

Power cycle the fire stick remote

It can also be a possibility that the problem lies with the fire stick remote itself which you are trying to use to connect to the TV or your fire stick device. 

To power cycle, your fire sticks remote you can simply take out the batteries from the remote and wait for 30 seconds to 60 seconds before putting the batteries again. It is quite obvious that this is the way to power cycle any remote but, if these issues still did not get a fix then the remote may require the changing of the batteries altogether and replacing them with new ones.

Download the Amazon fire TV app

You should install the Amazon fire TV app even if you are not using the Amazon fire stick. The Amazon Fire TV app makes the process of connecting our pairing the fire TV remote with your TV a bit easier. 

If you install the Amazon fire TV app then you won’t need the Amazon fire stick remote in any way. The Amazon Fire TV app does not have a keyboard but it allows the user to easily type and navigate whatever they want to search and wherever they want to go. It also has a voice-enabled sensor that allows the user to speak and the voice will be caught by the Amazon Fire TV app. Therefore, using this app is very easy and you can just use the Amazon Fire TV app instead of using the Amazon fire stick altogether.

Unpair and repair the fire stick remote

you can try this fic as unpairing the fire stick remote-first will allow the user to act as a new user. You can just go to the settings and unpair the Amazon fire stick from there. activating for some time you can again repair it so that repairing the Amazon fire stick with your TV may build a connection this time and you will be able to use the Amazon fire stick in connection with your TV.

Therefore, these are all the solutions regarding troubleshooting the problem of the amazon fire stick remote which is not getting paired with your TV or firestick device.

Final Words

Building a connection of your firestick remote with the TV or the fire stick device takes a lot of patience from the side of the users. it is easy to connect but the process takes time and it requires a lot of trial and error methods too. We hope this article has prevented to be helpful for you and you have successfully connected your firestick remote with your TV.

Frequently asked questions

How can we build a connection in a newly bought firestick remote with the TV?

You can connect a new fire stick remote with your TV in the manner described in this article.

What steps do I follow if the firestick remote is not pairing?

  • Took your remote closer to your fire TV device.
  • Power cycle your Fire TV device.
  • Use Fire TV App.
  • If seven controllers have paired, remove one of them and then, try to pair another.

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