Prodigy Error Code 156 [Fix 2024]

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Prodigy is one of the best platforms to learn math like a game – it teaches you in a fun and engaging way. There are a variety of fun on this platform to teach math and English and when you or your kids play these rounds, they automatically find a way to learn. But, error code 156 can ruin your learning.

Like many other platforms, Prodigy is not immune from errors and bugs. Error 156 is one of the many Prodigy errors. 

But, if you are on this webpage, don’t worry, we are going to explain the possible causes and solutions of this error code so that you can continue your learning.

Prodigy Error Code 156

Fix Prodigy Error Code 156

On Prodigy, you can learn math and English by playing games – a new way of learning made easy by the platform for you and your kids. But, your learning may pause due to error 156. 

Officially, there are no details available on this error code.

But, there are several causes that can be responsible for this, let’s see them!

What Causes Prodigy Error Code 156?

There are several reasons why you may receive Prodigy error code 156, including –

  • A temporary glitch
  • Network issue
  • Server issue
  • Corrupted game file 

Since it is not officially mentioned why this error code appears, it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause. However, the troubleshooting steps mentioned below may help you resolve this particular error.

How To Fix Prodigy Error Code 156?

Follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve this error code, it includes –

Restart Your Device and Relaunch Prodigy


The error code may be the result of a temporary glitch that can be resolved by closing and relaunching Prodigy.

This way, you help Prodigy re-establish a connection to its servers.

Check your Internet Connection


Make sure you have a stable and strong internet connection. Unstable internet may hamper connectivity resulting in you facing errors.

Resetting and power cycling your router is the best way to improve your Internet signal strength. If this doesn’t help you get good Internet speeds, call your ISP.

Reinstall Prodigy Game Files


Installed Prodigy game files may be corrupted. So, if you are still getting error code 156 even after restarting everything and checking your internet connection, then reinstalling Prodigy Games might help.

Verify Server Health


If you have stable internet, you have restarted your device, relaunched Prodigy Games, and reinstalled the Prodigy game files, but are still getting the error, then it is a server issue – this may be down or under maintenance or experiencing overload. Wait until the developers resolve the issue.

Contact Prodigy Support

If nothing helps resolve the error code, it may be a technical malfunction that needs special attention from the Prodigy support team.

Visit to report your issue and wait to get a resolution.


What is Prodigy error code 156?

This is a common error that can appear due to many reasons, including – temporary glitches, unstable internet, server-related issues, or corrupted game files.

Does updating Prodigy game files resolve error code 156?

Installed game files may get corrupted and when you update the game files or install Prodigy game files, the errors resulting from the corrupted files will definitely be resolved.

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