Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 3002 [Simple Methods]

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The paramount Plus app has recently taken a toll on every user’s mind who is interested in the gaming arena. it has created a lot of hype among the users and the users have seemed to enjoy the gaming exploration on the paramount Plus app. This streaming service (Paramount Plus) is operated by ViacomCBS Digital. But recently, users have been asking a number of questions related to this application. The questions are very obvious that why are there frequent occurrence of error codes and how to actually get rid of them because these are proving to be very annoying which does not let the users browse the app properly.

As the paramount Plus app has been scaling to great heights since the day it was launched, this app has received an overwhelming response from users. But it also comes with its own share of faults. The paramount Plus app is letting its users come across an error code that is the 3002 error code. 

Paramount Plus Error Code 3002

The error code 3002 will get fixed if you follow the instructions that have been stated in this solution guide. Before that let’s just know what this app is about and how does it function.

What is Paramount Plus error code 3002?

The paramount plus is a recently launched American app that gives you your daily dose of entertainment with a collection of great TV shows, movies, and series in it. It has various types and genres of watchable stuffs which users like to surf and watch. 

This app has grown rapidly and users started to use it to watch ever they like and use it as their daily dose of entertainment. But the paramount plus error code 3002 is playing the role of a spoilsport. 

The paramount plus error code 3002 has proven to be a connectivity error. It does not allow the user to play and stream the video they are wanting to. 

Thenparamount plus error code 3002 pops up as a message box on the screen of the device of the user which states and I quote:

“OOPS! We’re having some trouble playing this video. Please try again. If you continue to experience this issue, check your internet connection or restart your router. Error Code: 3002.”

Hence, the message itself states that either there is a problem with the internet connection or the router is not working properly. 

Let’s just see how can we get rid of the error code 3002 and stream whatever video you like, without any hindrance.

How can we fix the Paramount Plus error code 3002?

How can we fix the Paramount Plus error code 3002?

If you want to get rid of the Paramount error code 3002 then, do follow the below-mentioned instructions and watch your desired shows without any error.

Check internet connectivity

whenever you are trying to watch or stream any video online, then the first and foremost thing to do is to see whether you are connected to the internet or not. Internet connectivity is the primary thing for any function to happen, online. so make sure that you have a good and stable internet connection whenever you are trying to stream any videos on the paramount plus app. Then you are good to go.

Force Stop the Paramount Plus app to fix error code 3002

To force stop the paramount Plus app, follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Go to the ‘settings’ option in your device and then select ‘applications’.
  • Tap and select ‘Manage Installed Applications.’
  • Then open the paramount Plus app and select ‘force stop’. 

Now see and check whether the Paramount plus error code 3002 got fixed or not.

Restart your device

Restart your device

The Paramount Plus error code 3002 can also get fixed if you just restart your device. sometimes there can be a problem in your device which may get fixed if you just shut down or restart your device. You can also turn off your device and wait for some time before turning it on again. turn on your device after some time and you may see that the error 3002 got fixed automatically.

Paramount Plus customer support

The customer support and remedial Avenue is the lender of The Last resort to solve any error codes. Even after trying all the solutions if the paramount plus error code 3002 has not got fixed, then you may send a feedback response and seek customer support from the paramount plus makers.

Try these solutions to fix the error code 3002.


To conclude, Error code 3002 on Paramount Plus is an indication of hindrance in the connectivity. To fix this issue, solve your internet connectivity issue and to this, you can perform a speed test to verify whether your internet is having good speed or not, power cycle your router, and check if this boosts the speed.  Additionally, force close the application and relaunch after some time. 

We have put some tried and tested solutions by many users who have actually got rid of this particular error code by trying these out. We hope you have also got the fixed to your problem and you got rid of the Paramount Plus error code 3002.


How many devices can a user use with Paramount Plus?

You can only use a maximum of three simultaneous streams at any time across all Paramount+ content. 

Is Paramount Plus, a free app?

No. The paramount class is a paid app and you won’t be able to browse it if you do not pay for it.

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