Not Receiving Crave Activation Code? [Simple Fix]

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Are you facing the “Not Receiving Crave activation code” issue? Keep reading this guide to know the causes and solutions.

With a wide range of content, Crave provides its subscribers with a complete dose of entertainment. 

But, before you can connect the device to your Crave account, you’ll need to activate it. That’s why, whenever you try to connect your device to your Crave account, you are asked to enter an activation code.

This is a code that will be required to unlock access to Crave’s streaming service on your device.

Usually, you receive the activation code on your email or phone number within a few seconds. But, some users are facing issues in receiving the activation code and hence, they are unable to use Crave.

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Not Receiving Crave Activation Code Fix

In this guide, you’ll learn why you don’t receive the Crave activation code and how to fix it if it does.

Why you are not receiving Crave activation code?

Generally, you may be unable to receive the activation code on Crave due to incorrect credentials, poor/unstable/slow internet, some temporary glitch with the Crave app/website, or when the cookies are not turned On.

The overloaded or problematic server can also be the cause for the issue in receiving the activation code.

An outdated version of the Crave app can also be included in the list of possible causes.

How to fix it if you are not receiving Crave activation code?

To fix the problem with Crave activation code, first, check whether you are entering the correct credentials to receive the code, and then check whether your internet is fast and stable.

After verifying both (credentials and internet) if you are still facing the issue, try updating Crave app and check Crave’s server health.

Verify The Credentials

  • Make sure you have access to the credentials that you are using to receive the activation code.
  • Make sure you have a device with the same credentials so that you can receive the code.

Sign Out and Sign In Back

  • Sign out from your Crave account.
  • Wait for a while and sign in back.

Ensure That Cookies are Turned On

  • If you are using Crave’s website, ensure that you have enabled the Cookies and data.
  • If this is disabled, you won’t get the verification code.

Make Sure you are connected to a fast Internet

  • Check your internet speed to make sure it is fast enough.
  • If it is slow, upgrade the plan or contact your ISP.
  • You can also, perform a power cycle of your router. (Turn the router off and detach it from all the connected cables and wires, leave it for 5 minutes. Connect all the cables and turn On the router.)

Check Crave’s Server Health 

There may also be problems with receiving the activation code due to server issues. So if everything is fine like you have a stable internet connection and cookies and data etc are enabled but you are still facing the issue then it might be that Crave’s server is facing issues.

Visit to know if the platform is facing any issues.

To seek help from Crave support, you can visit 

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