Nike Error Code 9E10685B: Simple Steps to Fix [2023]

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Are you encountering Nike Error Code 9E10685B? Is this error not letting you complete your orders?  Let’s see why?

Moreover, if you have spent much time on this error and didn’t get any fruit, then this guide will tell you how you can fix this?

Nike Error Code 9E10685B

Nike Error Code 9E10685B could arise due to a payment or account issue. Sometimes, the Nike system may detect your account as a bot. Don’t know the exact reason, but this may happen. This can be the reason- when you are trying to make a payment or purchase on Nike, you are kicked out, and your payment failed.

Moreover, some other causes can also cause this error such as your Internet Connection, your payment method, or the payment details that you are using to make your purchase, Corrupted cache & Cookies data, etc.

How to Fix Nike Error Code 9E10685B?

Nike Error Code 9E10685B

Fixing this error code could be very simple as we are going to touch on all the possible steps that can resolve this for you.

Follow these steps one by one and see which one fixes the issue for you.

  1. Check Internet Connection: Your internet connection should be stable. 
  1. Use Tethering instead of your Regular Internet.
  1. Logout and Re-login.
  1. Change your Browser or use Incognito Window.
  1. Clear Cache & Cookies Data.
  1. Clear your Cart Items.
  1. Check Payment Details.
  1. Use another Payment Method.
  1. Create another account.
  1. Uninstall and Reinstall.
  1. Contact Support.

Note: Make sure when you are creating a new account, use another mail ID.

Tell us which step was fruitful to you and resolved the issue from your screen.


Nike Error Code 9E10685B could be a result of a payment or account issue. To fix this error code, check your internet connection, use tethering instead of your regular internet, log out and re-login, change your Browser or use Incognito Window, Clear Cache & Cookies Data, Clear your Cart Items, Check Payment Details, Use another Payment Method, Create another account, Uninstall and Reinstall and if nothing helps, contact support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nike Error Code 9E10685B mean?

Error 9E10685B on Nike represents that either your payment method/details or your account should be checked. Moreover, this error code can be a result of your internet or corrupted cache and cookies data.

How do I Fix Error 9E10685B on Nike?

Check internet connection, use another internet, log out and re-login, switch your browser or use an incognito window, clear cache & cookies data, clear your cart Items, check payment details, select another payment method, Create a new account, Uninstall and Reinstall and if nothing helps, contact support.

Why is Nike Not Working Today?

If today Nike is not working then, this could be due to a server problem. Maybe, a lot of users are accessing the platform at the same time. So, check the server status and wait for some time if you found this true. If you are facing an issue with the checkout, then read- How to fix Nike Checkout Not Working.

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