Nike Error Code 1496289380: How to Fix [2023]

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Are you encountering Nike Error Code 1496289380? Is your order failing to complete due to this error code? Let’s see what this error code is and why this may appear. Also, let’s see how you can fix this error code.

Nike has many products that users love but, to get these products, you have to install the Nike app or other eCommerce app.  

Sometimes, an error code may bother you and not let you complete your order. This could be sometimes, from the Nike ends, but sometimes, your things could be responsible for.

Nike Error Code 1496289380

You can say Nike Error Code 1496289380 is mainly a payment issue. This error pops up when- the payment got failed for your selected item on the Nike.

This error is new and users don’t have enough knowledge of this. However, some simple tasks may fix this error, and this should be good news for users.

How to Fix Nike Error Code 1496289380?

Nike Error Code 1496289380

Check Internet Connection

Internet is required if you are using an app or web. Whenever your internet failed to connect to your device, you may get an error. So to use Nike, you also need stable internet. 

If you are getting error code 1496289380, check if your device has internet or if it has been disconnected.

Use Tethering

To solve the internet connectivity issue, moving on tethering should be a quick solution. You can use tethering to complete your orders on Nike and see if this helps or not.

Logout and Re-login

If you have been login to your account for a long time and never log out after creating it. Just log out and re-login.

After this, try to complete your order and see if this time the error code is not appearing again.

Switch The Browser or Use Incognito Window

Some cache and cookies adat might be stored on the default browser which may cause the issue for you. 

An incognito window is the best way to avoid cache and cookies data. 

  • Just open your browser.
  • Click on the three dots available at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Select ‘New Incognito Window.’
  • Use this window to make payment and purchase your item on Nike.

Clear Cache & Cookies Data

As we have told in the above method, cache & cookies data may get stored on your system that may also get corrupted sometimes. You can use an incognito window or you can clear cache & cookies data.

  • Click on three dots.
  • Go to more tools and select ‘Clear browsing data and cookies data’.
  • Select period of time- ‘All’.
  • Click on Clear data.

Clear your Cart Items

Make sure before going to add new items to your cart, clear your cart items- if you have added them a long time ago. 

Sometimes, the added items go out of stock and also add some cache and cookies that may get corrupted or expired. This may lead to an error.

Check Payment Details

Make sure you are entering or you have entered the right payment details. Once cross-check if the error code 1496289380 is appearing on your screen.

Use another Payment Method

Maybe, the payment method that you have selected is not acceptable for the item that you want to purchase on the platform.

In this situation, changing the payment method can be the best option to avoid the error code.

Create A New Account

Many users have resolved the Nike error code 1496289380 by creating a new user account. So, you can also try creating a new account. See if this is fruitful for you also or not.

Use a different email ID and password to create a new account on Nike.

Uninstall and Reinstall

If the issue is appearing when you are trying to use Nike App, uninstalling and reinstalling will be a good choice when- all the other methods fail to fix the issue.

Contact Support

If nothing helps, contact Nike support. You can visit their official help page r call them directly. They provide both options for their users.

Final Thoughts

Almost all Nike errors can be resolved by applying the steps mentioned above in this guide. We hope you have fixed yours. Tell us which step was helpful for you and if you find this guide helping, share it with your friends.

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