How to Fix “My AI Not Showing” on Snapchat [Simple Ways!]

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How to Fix My AI Not Showing on Snapchat

If you are searching for why is My AI not showing on Snapchat and want to fix this issue, keep reading this guide.

My AI is a feature just like ChatGPT launched to ask queries, make suggestions, come up with ideas, and more. 

You can ask anything to this chatbot like the ChatGPT.

Users can first find this chatbot pinned to the top of the chat screen. To view it, just swipe the camera to the right and it will appear at the top.

Earlier this chatbot was launched only for Snapchat+ users, but now, it is free for every Snapchat user.

Some users are finding this very helpful while some are finding it irritating. 

Unfortunately, some users want to use it but they are not getting it on their chat screen.

In this guide, you will learn why this happens and how to fix the “My AI not showing” on Snapchat.

Why is My AI not showing up on Snapchat?

If you do not see My AI Chatbot, then it means that the AI ​​feature is not yet rolled out for you. 

Another possible reason could be the outdated version of the Snapchat app.

The Snapchat team has said that My Ai and the new My Ai feature are rolling out slowly and it may take some time to roll out completely to everyone.

This is the reason why you are not seeing this feature even if you are a Snapchat+ subscriber.

This clearly means that you do not need to take a subscription to use the chatbot. Just wait for some time till it reaches you.

How to Fix “My AI Not Showing” on Snapchat?

The official Snapchat team has said that the feature is rolling out slowly and may take weeks or months to reach everyone completely, so if it is not showing up to you, just wait a while.

Additionally, you can update the app or add My AI chatbot as a friend.

#1. Update The App

  • Go to App/Play Store.
  • Search for the Snapchat app.
  • Update the app by tapping on the “Update”.
  • Open the app and swipe the camera right to see and chat with the new feature “My Ai”.

Note- You can uninstall and then reinstall the app. This will install the latest and updated version of the Snapchat app.

#2. Do a Simple Restart

If the feature is still unavailable after updating the app to its latest version, then it could be due to a temporary glitch.

A simple restart will fix this problem.

To do this, clear out the Snapchat app from the memory and launch it again. See if the feature is now available or not.

#3. Add My Ai as a Friend

  • Update the app from the App/Play Store.
  • Swipe the camera screen to the right and search “My Ai” in the search bar.
  • Tap on “Say hi to My AI!” and then on “View”.
  • Tap on “Add Friend”.

Start chatting with the Ai.

#4. Wait Until The feature Reaches to You

The feature started rolling out in April 2023.

According to the official team, it may take weeks/months to reach out to everyone.

If you have tried all the above ways and it is still unavailable to you, wait, the feature will be available soon.

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