iTunes Error Code 8364 [Why Does It Appear, and How to Fix It]

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People often love to listen to songs, especially their downloaded songs but what happens when they face some issues in downloading music from iCloud or iTunes? This problem is referred as to ‘iTunes /iCloud ERROR CODE 8364’.

Fix iTunes Error Code 8364

Recently many users faced this error, and as a result, they are not able to enjoy music. In this guide, we will explain the reason why this error appears and provide you with some simple troubleshooting steps to resolve it.

What Is iTunes Error Code 8364, and Why Does It Appear?

iTunes/iCloud error code 8364 says – “An unknown error occurred (8364)”, and is often linked to DRM protection or inconsistencies in the music file format. The error occurs when Apple refuses to upgrade one or all of your songs to the 256 kbps DRM-free version.

Other causes can be an outdated version of iTunes, a temporary glitch, or a third-party security Software/Application.

This error may appear across different Apple devices, including Macs, iPhones, and iPads. 

How To Fix iTunes/iCloud Error Code 8364?

Here are some result-oriented solutions –

Refresh/Restart Your Device

The error may be the result of a temporary glitch that is preventing the system from downloading songs from iCloud or listening to downloaded songs. Refreshing/restarting your device might help resolve the temporary glitch.

It’s a Sigma solution for all the technical errors because it’s quick and simple for the users. Simply refresh your device by shutting it down for approx 5 minutes.

Use Latest Version of iTunes

If you have an older version of iTunes then it may cause error 8364. Therefore, make sure that you haven’t missed to update the iTunes to its latest version.  

Set Time As Per Time Zone 

Ensure your device’s time is set according to your time zone because the error code 8364 is sometimes caused by incorrect setting of the time.

Verify iCloud Status

Make sure you sign up with Apple’s system status page to get the latest notification and verify if there are any ongoing issues with Apple itself or iTunes/iCloud.

 Swap Out Problematic Song 

The song due to which error code 8364 code is appearing, swap out and redowloading it.

Temporarily Disable Your Device’s  Security Software

If you are using a third-party security software such as an Antivirus, then this may also cause issues with iTunes/iCloud. 

So make sure to disable your device’s security temporarily.

Here’s – How to Disable Antivirus Software on MAC or iPhone

Free Space On Your Device 

Due to low space on your device, you may be facing the error code 8364. So try to clear some space by deleting some unused apps.

Contact Apple Support

If you are still facing the same issue after following the above-given steps then, we suggest you contact Apple support for further assistance.

Visit to get help from the official person.

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