How to Fix Instagram Typing Not Showing Issue

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Instagram Typing Indicator: with the amazing feature “Instagram Direct Messages” (DMs) users can conversate with each other by sending text messages, images, videos, and more.

The feature has additional ways to express yourself by adding effects, custom reactions, stickers, gifs, and polls.

The amazing features have made Instagram one of the most popular social media apps/platforms.

But, Despite being very popular, for a few users, the typing indicator is not showing when they are typing any messages. 

In the chat section, when a user types a message, a typing “indicator” appears. Some users are unable to see this indicator and are searching for the reason and solution.

In this guide, you’ll get the reason behind the Instagram typing indicator not showing, not working, or missing from DMs. You will also get the solution steps to resolve this issue.

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Why is the Instagram typing indicator not showing/working/missing?

Instagram Typing Indicator Not Showing

Upstable/slow/poor internet can cause the “Instagram typing indicator not working” issue. Instead, a temporary bug/glitch or even a corrupted/overloaded cache could be the culprit.

Otherwise, the Instagram direct messaging feature is down or facing some issues. It will back up in a while, till then, you will need to wait.

Head over to Twitter and see if other users are facing the same issue as you.

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How to Fix Instagram Typing Not Showing Problem

To fix the “Instagram typing indicator not showing” issue, clear the app cache or try downloading Instagram Lite from the Google Play Store. 

But, before doing this, checking your internet connection should be your first troubleshooting step.

You can also try downloading an older version of Instagram (APK).

Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

  1. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Perform a speed test to see how fast your internet is.
  3. Switch between the internet (e.g. from Wi-Fi to mobile data and vice versa.)
  4. Restart your router.
  5. Power cycle your router or modem.

Download Instagram Lite (Android)

  1. Go to Play Store and Type “Instagram Lite” in the search address.
  2. Download and install the app.
  3. Open the app and log in to your account.
  4. Open your DMs (Direct Messages) and check if the typing indicator is showing up.

Switch To an Older Version of Instagram

  1. First, delete or uninstall the Instagram app from your device.
  2. Visit
  3. Select “Older Versions.”
  4. Install the older version from the top.
  5. After installing, check if the typing indicator has started working or not.

Other Solutions

If the issue is still unresolved, try some other simple troubleshooting:

  • Check if the app needs to be updated: got to App Store/Google Play Store, search for “Instagram”, and select “Update”.
  • Restart the app: force exit the Instagram app and restart
  • Sign out and sign in: go to your profile icon > Menu > Settings > Log out. Sign in again.
  • Clear Instagram app cache: tap on the Settings app > Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache > Clear Data. 
  • Reinstall Instagram App: tap and hold on to the Instagram app icon and select “Uninstall.” Reinstall the app and launch.
  • Wait for a while: the feature may get down a few times, wait and retry.

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