How to Fix Apex Legends Crashing on RTX 3080 GPU

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How to fix Apex Legends Crashing: Are you just playing the popular game- Apex Legends on your PC, and getting your GPU is crashing during the gameplay? Many users reported this issue, but one thing was common among all, they all were using the RTX series GPU(graphic card) in their PCs like-  3080, 3090, 3070, 2080, 2070. So if you are getting this issue, you might be using one of the given versions of the GPU. Nvidia designed these graphic cards to do intensive graphical tasks smoothly but yet the users are getting this error message. 

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Apex Legends is a game developed by Respawn Entertainment and the developers of the company have acknowledged the appearing issue. They are working on it and soon they provide a permanent fix to this. But some users have fixed this issue by doing some workarounds. These can help you too to resolve the issue. 

Some users reported that they were able to play the game, before they didn’t upgrade their graphic cards. So if you have, too, upgraded your GPU they might be you are also facing this problem. We have explained some workaround in this guide that can help you to fix this.

How to fix Apex Legends Crashing

As many users have reported this issue when they upgraded their graphic cards so the workaround can be- 

Downgrade your Graphics Driver

If you recently upgrade your graphic card to RTX 3080 and started crashing and you do not have any idea that How to fix Apex Legends Crashing then, you should downgrade it. 

  • Click on the device manager by means of right-clicking on the Start button.
Downgrade your Graphics Driver
  • Expand the list by making a Double click on the display adapter.
  • Now, make a right-click on the dedicated Nvidia GPU name.
  • Next, choose the property from here and go to the Driver tab.
  • Now, on the Device Properties dialog box, Select the RollBack driver option (if available).
  • By doing this, your GPU will automatically downgrade. 
  • Now, restart your PC to save the changes you have made.

Users Questions:

A user asked this question-  “Wait, Is Apex crashing on RTX 3080 a thing?” 

Someone asked the following – 

“I just upgraded my graphics card yesterday and I’ve noticed several times now my game will freeze, and then crash with no error message.”

The question which is mentioned below was quite common among all users-

“Is anyone getting constant crashing/freezing with a 3080?” 

 “My Apex was fine before this GPU, and now I can’t play for more than 1-2 minutes without a crash.” Some users asked this one.

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