Enable Streamer Mode in Discord, Hide Personal Info: Here’s How

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Streamer Mode in Discord: It is a feature that allows users to hide their personal and sensitive information while they are streaming games online or via Discord. 

Game streaming grew over time, and now it has become more trendy to connect with your viewers watching your stream.

While this is good news for streamers, it is also making it difficult to protect important/sensitive data. Thanks to the “Streamer Mode” that helps streamers to hide their info to get public.

In this informative guide, you’ll learn how to enable the Streamer mode in Discord and what you can hide by enabling this feature.

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How to Enable Streamer Mode in Discord?

Enable Streamer Mode in Discord Hide Personal Info

To enable streamer mode in Discord, click on the “Settings icon” and then “Streamer Mode” under “App Settings.”

Tap on the “Enable Streamer Mode” toggle.

You can leave the “Automatically Enable/ Disable” toggle On to automatically activate the feature. This will automatically activate whenever Discord will detect a game recording software like OBS running on your PC.

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What you can hide by enabling this feature?

Using Streamer Mode in Discord, you can hide this info to be public:

  • Personal information: your email, connected accounts, notes, and your username.
  • Invite Links: secures your invite links so that random or stranger users can’t join your server.
  • Sounds: disable all sound effects while you are in streamer mode.
  • Notifications: all your discord notifications will be hidden once you enable Streamer mode.

As such, Streamer Mode is a great way to keep your personal information safe from your viewers.

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How to Disable Streamer Mode in Discord?

Even though Streamer mode secures your info, some users may need to disable it. For those users, below are the steps.

To disable Streamer mode in Discord, look for the notification banner at the top of Discord when you enable the feature. Click on “Disable.”

If you have dismissed the notification banner, don’t worry, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the “Settings icon” and then “Streamer Mode” under “App Settings.”
  • Now, tap to turn off the “Enable Streamer Mode” toggle.
  • The feature is now disabled on your account. 

Can I Enable Discord’s Streamer Mode on Mobile?

Unfortunately, this feature is only available to access on PC, mobile users cannot enable or disable it whether they are Android or iOS users.

PC users can use this nifty feature to hide sensitive details such as your personal information (your email, connected accounts, notes, and your username), sounds, and notifications from your Discord account.

Tell us how this guide goes for you! Thanks!

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