Hammer of Virtue 14 August Patch Notes Build 11937046

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Hammer of Virtue 14 August Patch Notes: New Hammer of Virtue update has been deployed by No Pest Productions. 

Hammer of Virtue 14 August Patch Notes

The game is a destruction hack-and-slash action game released for PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows users.

Many users reported improvements to certain features in the game as they were facing difficulties.

Now, the company has announced an official update for those improvements. At the moment, users will get to see some very useful changes in some of the gameplay.

Future updates will focus on the inclusion of Horde Mode and Hard Mode in order to increase game length.

The players will have some peace of mind in the recent update as the Lock-on Bug is now fixed.

Hammer of Virtue 14 August Patch Notes Build 11937046

Here is the list of improvements that you will see in this update:

  • The Lock-On-Bug is fixed.
  • Bears now also take damage, but only if you hit’em from far away.
  • After finishing a level, you jump directly to the next level instead of going to the menu.
  • In the T-Rex level, you will get an explainer on how the kill the beast.
  • The sound issue in the 2-player versus mode is fixed.
  • Now, you will get the “restart” feature of the game in the pause menu.
  • Some other general bugs are also fixed.
  • Enemies will also take more damage when houses fall on them, but due to heavy performance issues, this feature is not fully implemented. Maybe this feature will be added in the next patch.

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