Pokémon Version Patch Note Updates (August 15)

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Pokémon Version Patch Note: The new version ( of Pokémon Unite is available for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch users. The patch notes have been released on 15th August 2023.

Pokémon Version Patch Note Updates (August 15)

This patch note is mainly focused on Shop updates, Event updates, Bug fixes, Balance changes, and Text corrections.

Along with these updates, improvements, and bug fixes, the new patch note also includes many changes to Pokémon’s abilities and moves.

Pokémon Version Patch Note Updates – Bug Fixes & Improvements

According to the Pokémon’s official patch notes, the update includes the following:

  1. Shop updates.
  2. Event updates.
  3. Bug fixes.
  4. Balance changes.
  5. Text corrections.

You can also see the following changes to the abilities and moves:

Iwa Palace

The “Scissor Cloth” has been adjusted upwards to emphasize the large rock on its back and strong clawed front paws.

Unite move “Smashed Stone Whirlwind” is also adjusted upwards.

Attribute: Work hard– Defense/Special Defense that increases by 1 level: 5+1 x level → 6+2 x level (up to 10 levels)

scissor cloth: Wait time: 7 seconds → 6 seconds

scissor cloth+: Wait time: 6 seconds → 5 seconds

Unite Move: Crushed Stone- Whirlwind Recoil damage when receiving damage: Increased by 33%

Recoil damage latency: 2 seconds → 1 second


Despite the hardships of overcoming the Chrysalis period, the effect was small after level 9, so we adjusted:

Ability score HP: 3150~8350→3150~8800 (Level 1~15)

Unite Move: Lethal Rampage- Amount of Energy Required: Reduced by approximately 17%


Adjusted Empowered Attack upwards to show off her presence as a melee basic attack specialist. For this Pokemon as well, since its impact in Unite battles after level 9 was small, we have adjusted the Unite move “Dohatsuten Rush” upwards.

Enhanced attack: Damage amount is increased by about 10%

HP recovery amount: 15% of damage dealt → 20% of damage dealt

Unite Move: Dohatsuten Rush- Amount of Energy Required: Reduced by approximately 17%

Fire Row

Adjusted the upwards of “Brave Bird.

Brave bird Damage amount: 10% increase

Source- https://www.pokemonunite.jp/ja/news/160/ 

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