Fix: Lennox Error Code 292 [Easy Steps To Do]

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Having a smart unit in your home makes many tasks easy. Nevertheless, sometimes, these units may show some glitches. Lennox Error Code 292 is a common error that users are facing. Lennox provides many products including furnaces, air conditioners, and many others. Sometimes, an error code on your unit may put you in a trouble. 

That’s why this guide is presenting some tips to troubleshoot such type of error code. Let’s understand error 292 in deep.

What does Lennox Error Code 292 indicate?

Lennox Error Code 292 indicates an issue with your blower motor, due to which this is not able to start. Most commonly, this happens when the fuse into the printed circuit board has been blown. In simple words, we would say that generally, this happens due to the power issue. Commonly, a fuse can be fuse when a power outage or fluctuation takes place. 

Let’s start troubleshooting this error code in simple steps.

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How to Fix Lennox Error Code 292?

Lennox Error Code 292

If a major fault has not happened then, this can be easily fixed by performing some easy tasks. These tasks are listed below:

The Fuse

Mostly, error code 292 on your Lennox unit takes palace when the fuse into the printed circuit board has been blown. So, replacing the fuse may solve your problem. Take a multimeter and check if it is fused or not. Make sure, if you don’t have an understanding of a multimeter then, calling a technician will be the best option for you.

Mostly, the reason when a fuse burnt is a power outage or fluctuation takes place. So if it happens to you, most probably, the fuse is causing the issue, and the error code is appearing on the screen of your unit.

Set the Thermostat to FAN ON

A fan can also cause the issue because if it is not ON then, the circuit may get heated and also burn sometimes. So, make sure the Thermostat FAN is always set to the ON. If it is damaged or not running after setting it to the ON then, maybe this part needs a replacement.

Reset The System

Resetting your unit should be an easy task for you. This sounds crazy, but sometimes, just resetting the unit may fix the issue. This helped some users, so we are hoping, maybe, this will also help you. 


Lennox Error Code 292 can bother you but, this can be easily resolved in some cases if there is no major issue and you have some technical knowledge. If you have the understanding to deal with a multimeter, then fixing this error code can be easy for you. If you don’t know how to deal with a multimeter then, calling a verified technician should be your choice. You can call on- Lennox customer support number (+1-800-953-6669) for better assistance.

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