Hypixel Error Code PR1V-64 [What it is and How to Fix]

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If you love to play Minecraft then, surely you have listened to the name Hypixel. Hypixel is a Minecraft minigame server that is globally used by players. A good server plays a crucial role in smooth gameplay. Some users may get Hypixel Error Code PR1V-64 when they try to join a game on the Hypixel server. 

This guide will tell you what this error code indicates, and what actions will be required to fix this error. So let’s begin our journey from here.

What does Hypixel Error Code PR1V-64 indicate?

After gathering the information on this error code, we would like to say that Hypixel Error Code PR1V-64 generally indicates server unavailability. Usually, users may get this error code when they try to connect to the server privately. Additionally, this can also appear when all the servers are full, and no space is available for a new member. Sometimes, the internet may also be responsible for this glitch.

Actions Required to Get Rid of Hypixel Error Code PR1V-64

Hypixel Error Code PR1V-64

When we were researching this issue, we have found some actions that users were doing and getting this error code on their screens. So, we are sharing these actions in detail and hoping these will help you out.

  • The bigger mistake that was being done by the users was to press a command manually, very frequently. When you do this, the server detects it as a command spamming. So, use the commands as they should be used. This keeps you away from detecting yourself as spam.
  • Sometimes, if you don’t have a good internet connection and speed, this error code may trigger on your screen. So if this happens in this situation, check your internet connection and speed and try again. 
  • If you get error code PR1V-64 on your screen during the gameplay or before, then leave the game for 20 to 30 seconds and rejoin. Hopefully, this will help as many users found when they did this, joining the game was accepted. So, you can try this, not as a solution but as a tip.
  • Using an ethernet connection helped many users to resolve this error code. So, you should also use an ethernet connection to prevent this error code from your screen.

What is a Minigame Server?

Minigames servers allow all age users to access fun content on a single network. Players can select a particular minigame on these servers that they would like to play. If we talk about the most widely used minigames then, here are some of them: Skywars, Bedwars, Capture the Flag, Arcade, and Hide and Seek. many minigame servers may be available, and Hypixel is one of them.

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