How to Fix Everspace 2 UE4 Fatal Error

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Everspace 2 is a single-player space shooting game available on the Steam Game provider platform and is very popular among users. This game was released on the date of 18 January 2021 by ROCKFISH Games. From the date of release, users were encountering the Everspace 2 UE4 fatal error but, now, you can fix this error message by following the provided tips in this guide. We have tried to cover all aspects related to this error code and hope you will find them helpful.

What’s the Everspace 2 UE4 fatal error? 

The game Everspace 2 stops running and this is exactly what happens when the UE4 Fatal Error occurs. The reason behind this error is an unstable GPU and this can happens due to several reasons. If this error is bothering you too then in this condition what should you do? You should not worry about this and should follow our provided solutions to fix it. 

How to fix UE4 fatal Error in Everspace 2?

Here we have covered some methods to fix this error code and allow you to play without any hurdle. Follow them and fix this Everspace 2 UE4 fatal error.

  • Reboot Your System.
  • Update your Graphics Drivers.
  • Check the requirements of your System to play Everspace 2 game.
  • Disable the Overlocking Software.
  • Check Clock Speed (Set it as Default).
  • Limit the FPS of the game Everspace 2 from NVIDIA.

Reboot Your System

Sometimes this can fix this error code so firstly, Reboot your system. If your issue is fixed by rebooting the system, you do not need to do anything, just play the game, and if this didn’t work then go to the next method to fix this problem.

Update your Graphics Drivers to fix Everspace 2 UE4 fatal error

This is very important to check whether your graphics driver is updated or not. In most cases, an un-updated graphics card can cause Everspace 2 UE4 fatal error so, make sure your GD (Graphics Driver) is up to date. Developers, regularly, release new versions of their drivers to resolve problems. So you should check for a recent update of your graphics card.

Check the requirements of your System to play Everspace 2

You can see UE4 fatal Error in Everspace 2 if the system requirements are not fulfilled. Because due to lack of the requirements your graphic card can crash, and show you the error. To fix this error, you should try lowering the settings of the game. By doing this, you will decrease the stress on your graphics card. You can check the system requirement to play Everspace 2 on your PC.

everspace 2 system requirements

Disable the Overlocking Software

Sometimes, the GPU is overlocked because of using some software like MSI Afterburner or GeForce Experience. So by disabling such software you can prevent the Overlocking of GPU. In the meantime, if any other software is interfering with the game, disable them too.

Check Clock Speed (Set it as Default)

Generally, if the clock speed is higher CPU will be faster. Every second, the CPU processes a lot of instructions from different programs, and the clock speed measures the number of cycles executes per second by CPU and is measured in GHz (gigahertz). So to run your CPU smoothly, you should set your clock speed as default. You can set it by accessing the BIOS. A BIOS key set by your manufacturer and could be F10, F2, F12, F1, or DEL.

Limit the FPS of the game from NVIDIA

If none of the above fixes works, you may try this method. From the NVIDIA Control panel, you can set a limit of the FPS. Doing this you should follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the blank screen of the appearing window.
  • Now, click on the NVIDIA control panel from the list.
NVIDIA control panel
  • Click- Manage 3D Settings, from the left corner.
  • Next, click on the global setting option.
  • Now, from the menu, click on- “Max Frame Rate” then click on the option- On, by default, it is OFF.
Limit the FPS of the game from NVIDIA
  • After this, click on Apply button to save all changes.

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