How to Fix Doom eternal error code ce-34878-0 on PS 4

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Trying to play a popular game- Doom Eternal and an error code ce-34878-0 is bothering you? No need to worry, this game error is a specific error of the console, and this can appear with any game. This error can happen due to some mistake in console configuration. So, you need to do some configuration settings to fix this error code and play with no hindrance.

What to do first if Doom Eternal error code ce-34878-0 is appearing?

In most cases, if you are using PS 4, just restart it and the error will disappear and you will be able to play Doom Eternal smoothly. Although, this error code shows that the game has crashed, but you do not need to worry, just restart your play station. But, if it doesn’t work to fix this error code, then we have provided some other solutions to fix this, and you should try them.

How to Fix Doom eternal error code ce-34878-0

Just chill and do the provided solutions to fix this error. Here are the snapshots of these methods and we will discuss them one by one.

  • Clear cache files on Play Station 4
  • Restart the console 
  • Update the Game
  • Update the Play Station (PS 4)
  • Re-install the Game 
  • Back to the Original Hard Drive

Clear cache files on Play Station 4

Some caches are hard to understand, and if they are corrupted, then may cause a problem with your Game. So sometimes you have no other way than to delete them, so you should delete the cash files so that the play station can download the game files again. After deleting the cache files, you should restart the game and check if the Doom eternal error code ce-34878-0 is persisted or not. 

Restart the console

This is a very basic solution to fix error code ce-34878-0 and this should be done very first.

  • Quit the Game.
  • Turn it off.
  • Wait for 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Re-start now.

Update the Game 

Check if your game is running with the old version of the game. This may also cause an issue with the game and give you the Doom eternal error code ce-34878-0 too. So, you should update your game if any updated version is available.

Update the Play Station (PS 4)

Sometimes, some new features of the game do not support an old Play Station. This can also be a big reason for the error code ce-34878-0. So by updating your play station with the latest version, you can fix this error code. 

Re-install the Game to fix Doom eternal error code ce-34878-0

Some of the cache files can corrupt some other files of the game, that’s why after deleting the cache files, sometimes the error has not been fixed. In this case, you have no option but to uninstall and reinstall the entire game to fix this error code. 

Back to the Original Hard Drive

If you have made any changes in the hard drive then this will throw the error during the gameplay. So, to avoid the error code ce-34878-0 you should install the original hard drive which comes with the console.

That’s all…

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