Fix: Movies and TV App Error Code 0xc10100c4 in Windows 10

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Error Code 0xc10100c4 in Windows 10: This error code is very common, and it appears while Playing Videos in Movies & TV into a built-in media player. Before going to the solution to this issue, we have to know the reasons and causes behind this error. 

There are many reasons behind this error, but the following are the main reasons behind appearing Error Code 0xc10100c4 in windows 10 PC.

  • Applying a broken or corrupted Video: If you apply a broken or a corrupted video to play on your Windows 10 PC, this error will appear on your screen, or you will see this error on your screen.
  • Infected by damaging Spyware: Sometimes, your PC gets infected by the damaged malware or spyware. This might be a reason behind the Error Code 0xc10100c4.
  • System Files are hidden or missing: If some of the files are hidden or missing from your system, you may see the Error Code 0xc10100c4 on your computer screen.
  • Temp Folder full with unnecessary files: Sometimes, our temporary folder is full of unwanted files. This may also cause the Error Code 0xc10100c4 on your computer screen.
  • Incorrect configuration of date & time settings: if you are going to launch or play movies or Tv on your system, and you have an incorrect configuration of date and time settings, then you may face the Error Code 0xc10100c4 on your computer screen.

Fix: Error Code 0xc10100c4 in Windows 10

Now, you can see- how we are going to fix this error code.

A. Correct the configuration of date & time settings. 

Sometimes, an incorrect configuration of time and date may cause this type of error. Therefore, you have to correct these settings on a first-priority basis. 

  • Press- ‘Windows +I’ keys together to open Windows Settings.
  • Go to the Time and language option from the right side of the menu.
  • Now, under the date and time section, find out the time zone option and click on this to change or select your time zone.
  •  Now, from the left-side, click on the region option to verify the settings.
Correct the configuration of date & time settings.

B. Delete unwanted files from Temp Folder.

Unwanted temporary files are also a reason behind the Error Code 0xc10100c4 in Windows 10. So, we have to delete these all files from the Temp folder.

  • Press the ‘ Windows +R’ key together to open- Run Dialog Box.
  • Simply type the following text into the text area.


Open Run Dialog Box
  • Now, hit the Enter button.
  • Now, all temporary files appeared in a window.
Temporary files
  • Now, use keyboard shortcuts to select all files, then press “Shift +delete” together to delete these files permanently from your device. 

C. Reset your Internet Explorer Settings.

Experts of Microsoft suggest, to reset your Internet Explorer settings to get rid of the Error Code 0xc10100c4. You should reset your internet Explorer settings before Playing Videos in Movies & TV on your Windows 10 PC. 

  • Open the Cortana search box and type Internet options in it and select your preferred option. 
  • Now, an Internet Properties dialog will appear, click on the Advanced tab.
  • Click on the Reset button to reset the settings.
  • This will reset all browser settings instantly to their default state.
Reset your Internet Explorer Settings.
  • This will solve the Error Code 0xc10100c4. Now, you can play videos or TV on your computer system.

D. Restore the Default Libraries.

Restoring the default libraries can be a good solution to rid of error code 0xc10100c4. To restore the default libraries you have to follow the steps which are given below:

  • Go to the taskbar and click on the File Explorer icon.
  • Now, click on the  Libraries option in the left pane of the window. If you are not able to see Libraries, then click on the View. (See in Picture given below)
Restore the Default Libraries.
  • From here, select the Show all Folders option.
  • Now, go to the left sidebar of File Explorer, click on the Libraries to expand it.
  • Make a right-click on every library and select the delete option.
Restore the Default Libraries in Windows 10
  • Do a right-click on Libraries.
  • Now, Choose- “Restore default libraries”.
  • This will re-create the libraries.
  • Now, you can access all the data through File Explorer. 
  • You can try to play the video, the error might be gone now.
Restore the Default Libraries to fix Error Code 0xc10100c4

E. To fix 0xc10100c4 Error Run System File Checker.

If any file is missing, hidden, or corrupt in your system, then it can be a cause behind the Error code 0xc10100c4. If it happens, you can not perform the play and watch a movie or TV on your Windows 10 system. So, to find faulty Windows files, you should run the system file checker. Here are the steps which have to follow to do this:

  • Press- “Windows+R” together to open the Run Dialog box.
  • Now, type cmd in the search bar, and press- “Ctrl + Shift + Enter” keys to open an elevated Command Prompt. 
  • A UAC dialog box will open, press Yes.
  • Now, a black panel will appear, type sfc /scannow, and hit the Enter button to run.
  • Wait for 15 minutes at least to complete the scan.
  • When the scan gets completed, a display of results will open.
  • Now, your faulty system files are repaired, and you can play and watch a movie or TV on your Windows 10 system.

Point to Remember:

If you are following the manual steps, you need to be careful. If you will follow the wrong steps or delete any important file then it can cause some other errors or it can harm your system files. So, be very careful to do this.

F. Fix Error Code 0xc10100c4 Automatically.

You can go with this automatic method if you don’t want to follow the typical manual methods. Using this method, you will be able to fix Error Code 0xc10100c4 Automatically. Reimage Repair Software tool is an advanced tool that featured high-level programming algorithms. This tool scans the PC and resolves the annoying error permanently. This tool also helps the users to boost up the running speed of all the system functions and repairs the damaged DLL files.

I Hope! all above the methods will help you to resolve the Error Code 0xc10100c4 from your computer.


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