How to Fix Bluetooth not connecting in Windows 10?

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Hey, are you facing problems with your Bluetooth device? Many users of Windows 10 look for the answer to the question of How to Fix Bluetooth not connecting in Windows 10. Bluetooth is a technology that connects various devices wirelessly such as laptops, computers, and tablets. If this is not working properly on your Windows 10 device, then there are various reasons behind this, and to fix this problem there are several methods available. In this article, we’re gonna tell you some of them but before fixing the issue, you should know the reason behind such type of issue.

The Reason behind the Windows 10 Bluetooth Problems

If we talk about the reason for the Bluetooth problem in Windows 10, usually this problem is caused by the combination of hardware and software both. If we connect multiple Bluetooth devices then it can also cause and conflict with each other and the computer that we are using. Sometimes it can happen due to old drivers installed in our system which should be updated from time to time.

Reason behind the Windows 10 Bluetooth Problems

If your device is broken or some incorrect settings are enabled or disabled then this also causes a problem to connect the Bluetooth device to our computer. So this can also be a reason for the Windows 10 Bluetooth problem.

Initial Workout before getting started

Before getting started, you should do some initial workout which can resolve your problem in the beginning.

  • If you are facing a problem with your Bluetooth device very first time then first of all you should Reboot your computer. After rebooting the system now try to connect your Bluetooth device again.
  • If you are using a Bluetooth adapter then check your USB port properly. Sometimes a loose or damaged USB port also creates a problem.
  • You can also unplug the Bluetooth adapter and after 2 minutes plugged it again, this process can also short out your Bluetooth connection related problems.

If the above workouts didn’t help you then you can further proceed with the following. 

How to Fix Bluetooth Issues on Windows 10

There are numerous causes behind the faulty Bluetooth connection problem, there are many solutions too. Here are some methods using which you can resolve this issue.

A. Distance between Bluetooth Interference and Device

Just like wi-fi devices, Bluetooth devices also communicate wirelessly via radio waves. If your PC is far from the Bluetooth device then it can cause a faulty connection between both. As with wi-fi, if the distance is more then the signal will be weak so make sure that your device and your pc distance are standard. You can choose a third-party tool to know the strength of your Bluetooth signal. Here is the tool name using this you can check-  Bennett Bluetooth Monitor.

Fix Bluetooth Issues on Windows 10

If your problem is not resolved yet, might be another issue. There are some other methods too to fix it. 

B. Connect it from Action center

  1. Click on the action center icon, which is on the right side of the bottom.
  2. Now, click on the connect option.
Fix Bluetooth Issues on Windows 10 via action center.
  1. Now you will see the list of paired devices, from here you can select the device which you want to connect.

C. Reset the Bluetooth from Settings

You can fix it from the settings by toggling the Bluetooth “OFF” and then “ON” from settings.

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ button then type Settings in it and hit the Enter button.
Fix Bluetooth Issues on Windows 10 from settings.

 You can also go with the short key “Windows +I” to open settings.

  1. Click on the Devices.
  2. Now, click on the “Bluetooth & Devices ” then you will see the button “On”, click on it to make it off and then click again to do ON.
Fix Bluetooth Issues on Windows 10 via settings.

D. By Restart the Bluetooth services

You can resolve this issue by rebooting your bluetooth services to do this please follow the steps given below.

  1. Press “Windows+R” from your keyboard to open the Run Dialog Box.
  2. Type ‘services.msc’ and then press the Enter button.
Fix Bluetooth Issues on Windows 10 via run dialog box.
  1. Now a service window will open in front of you, scroll the option ‘Bluetooth support services’ then make a right click on it.
  2. You will see the option ‘Restart’ click on it.
  3. Now make a double click on the option “Bluetooth support services” and navigate the option startup type and in this select ‘Automatic’.
Fix Bluetooth Issues on Windows 10 with run.
  1. Now, click on Apply then “OK” button.

E. By Uninstall and reinstall the Bluetooth driver

You can also fix this issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the bluetooth driver. To do this you have to go through the following article link.

How to Fix or Reinstall Bluetooth Driver in Windows 10

F. Set your Bluetooth device as default device

To remove connection issues, you can set your bluetooth device as a default device. To do this please follow these simple steps.

  1. Open the Run Dialog box.
  2. Now, type mmsys.cpl in the search bar.
  3. Now, press the enter button or click on the “OK” button.
  1. Open the sound window, choose the device which one you want to set as default. Click on the set as default then apply and the press Ok to save changes you have made.

Now, reboot your system. And after rebooting try to connect your device to your computer again. Now, this should happen very easily.

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