Discovery Plus Error Code 500: Easy Steps To Fix [2023]

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Discovery plus also provide streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc. But, have you recently faced Discovery Plus Error Code 500, and due to this error, your streaming has been hindered?

Let’s figure out the causes and solutions of this error code, and get your streaming back.

Discovery Plus Error Code 500

As the official announcement made by Discovery Plus, Discovery Plus Error Code 500 is very rare and usually appears when there is some server issue. In simple and straight words, this error code implies server issues with Discovery Plus.

However, rarely but sometimes, you may face this error code if you have an unstable or improper internet connection.

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How to Fix Discovery Plus Error Code 500?

Discovery Plus Error Code 500

As it has been officially mentioned that the error 500 is a server error, you can not do anything to fix this error, except waiting, till the server gets back to normal. To check Discovery plus server status visit this link.

However, some other tasks are also present that you can consider as the solution if there is no server outage are present.

  1. Check Internet connection.
  1. Update your device software.
  1. Update Discovery Plus App.
  1. Clear app cache.
  1. Uninstall and Reinstall the app.

If nothing helps, contact Discovery Plus Support.

Final Words

Since the error code- 500 is a server error, so mostly you can’t do anything to fix it from your end, This error code will automatically be fixed once the server issues are gone. Moreover, you can check your internet, update the app and your device software, clear the app cache, and uninstall & reinstall the Discovery Plus app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discovery Plus not working today: What to do?

If all of sudden the Discovery plus app stops working, this might be due to a server outage. Moreover, you can perform these tasks:

  1. Wait a while and retry after some time. 
  1. Check server status.
  1. Clear app cache.
  1. Check your internet.
  1. Update the application.
  1. Update your device software.
  1. Uinstall and reinstall.

Discovery Plus error code 504: What does it mean?

Discovery Plus error code 504 means that the platform is unable to establish a connection. In other words, this error code indicates a Gateway Timeout error.

How do I reset my Discovery Plus?

You can reset your Discovery Plus account by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Forget password on the sign-in screen.
  1. Now, enter the registered email address.
  1. You will get a link with instructions to reset your password so that you can access your account again.

Why won’t my Discovery Plus work on my Samsung TV?

This could be due to the corrupted cache, unstable internet, or sometimes due to a server outage. Restart your router or modem and check if the application starts working on your Samsung TV or not. 

For more details, you can head on to this link.

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