How to Disable Microsoft Edge in Windows 10?

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If you are using windows 10 and looking for the answer to the question –How to Disable Microsoft Edge in Windows 10? This article will help you to do this from your computer but, before this, you should learn what Microsoft Edge is and how harmful if it’s completely removed from our system.

What is Microsoft Edge?

In 2015 for windows 10, Microsoft released a cross-platform web browser which is known as Microsoft edge. It comes for android and IOS too, which is launched in 2017. Microsoft edge integrated with Cortana and also has an extension hosted on the Microsoft store. It is a default web browser for windows 10.

Note- Disabling Microsoft Edge completely from your computer may cause unintended issues with your operating system.

But thankfully there are some methods by using these, we can hide it and stop it on our system. Because Microsoft Edge has integration with some other software, Microsoft doesn’t let you uninstall it. 

So, instead of uninstalling it from your computer, you can simply hide this on your computer and ensure that it doesn’t impact your PC performance. That way it doesn’t impact your daily work.

Stop All Redirects from Microsoft Edge

Because Microsoft Edge integrated with other software like Cortana, the first step should be to stop all redirection of it from these applications. We’ll use a tool to do this and the name of this tool is EdgeDeflector. We can hide Microsoft Edge with the help of this tool without any inconvenience. This application intercepts any link which is forced through Microsoft Edge and those links are rerouted to your default browser. 

To download this application go to the Github page, and download the latest version for free. Once the application is installed, open the Edge_Deflectorinstall file and go through the installation process. Mark tick on the Always uses this app as shown in the screenshot. 

Stop All Redirects from Microsoft Edge to Disable Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

After the installation process, a pop up will open and ask you, how do you want to open this? Click on EdgeDeflector. Now all the links which are forced by the Microsoft edge will open on the default browser. You can also test this by pressing Windows Key + R together to open the Run dialog box

Open run dialog box

Now, type microsoft-edge:// in the search bar then press the OK button. This the URL which is used to send all the links which are forced by the Microsoft Edge application but now EdgeDeflector will reroute these all links to your default browser.

If you have any problem then please make sure that you have selected or set your default browser. If you don’t have any idea how to select the default browser then simply open the Start Menu and type Default Web, now click on the choose a default web browser.

Steps to disable Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Step 1. Follow the path C:\Windows\SystemApps.

Step 2. Now find out the Microsoft Edge folder, now copy and save the name of this folder where you want. Make sure that you’ll be able to find out this if you want to enable Microsoft Edge in the future.

Step 3. Make a right-click on the Microsoft Edge folder and rename this, you can choose any name but make sure that if you need this to enable it in the future then this will remember you.

Step 4. Click on the Continue button and your Microsoft Edge will be disabled. 

In the future, if you want to enable this, simply rename this folder to its original name and this will be enabled. Hope this article will solve your problem. Thanks.

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