Fix: Coxinet Webmail Not Working [2024]

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Coxinet webmail users may also encounter various issues with the platform. A very common problem that many users are reporting is “Coxinate webmail not working.” 

If you are facing the same issue then you are at the right webpage.

In this guide, we have explained why Coxinet webmail may stop working and how to troubleshoot this issue to use the platform again.

Fix Coxinet Webmail Not Working

What causes Coxinet webmail not to work?

If Coxinet webmail is not working then it could be due to any of the following reasons –

  • A temporary glitch – The connection to the server may be temporarily interrupted, resulting in webmail failing to load or function.
  • Network failure – If your internet is unstable/slow, the connection between Coxinate Webmail and its servers may drop, resulting in the webmail not working.
  • Authentication Problem – The Coxinet webmail server may fail to authenticate your device and your login information, resulting in webmail not working.
  • Problematic DNS settings – There may be a problem with your DNS settings, which can cause connectivity issues.
  • Overloaded or corrupted cache and cookies files – Your browser’s cache and cookies data files may be overloaded or corrupted, resulting in when you try to access Coxinet Webmail, it may fail to launch.
  • An unknown problem – There may be an unknown error or problem in Coxinet, which you cannot solve until the Coxinet developers team does so.

How to troubleshoot if Coxinet webmail is not working?

If there is a problem with the Coxinet server, you cannot resolve the problem until the Coxinet developers do so. So first of all, verify if everything is fine with Coxinate. You can visit one of the downdetector tools to see the status, and if everything is OK, try the following troubleshooting steps, which include –

Fix Internet Issues

It is very important to have a stable and strong internet for webmail to load properly and work efficiently. If your internet is weak or unstable, webmail will not load, resulting in webmail not working.

Try resetting your network connection by restarting your router/modem. Also, unplug your router from all cables and wires, leave it for 5 minutes, and turn it on.

Sign Out and Sign Back In

Sometimes, authentication of your account may fail, resulting in webmail not working. Sign out and sign back in to provide a new authentication request.

  • Open Coxinet Mail Settings and navigate to the Preferences tab.
  • Next, go to the account and click on the Hyphen (-) button.
  • Fill up your credentials and click on Continue.

Hope this works, and Coxinate webmail starts working again.

Change Port Number

Change the port number to resolve the SSL error. Open Settings > Go to Preferences > Navigate to Account > Click on Advanced options > Remove port 995 and uncheck the SSL checkbox > Replace it with port 110 and check SSL > Save settings and exit.

Clear DNS Cache and Change Settings

Open the command prompt as an administrator, type these commands one by one, and hit the enter button –

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig/ registerdns

See if the issue is resolved or not. 

If the webmail is still not working, switch to Google’s public DNS records which are – and

Clear Your Borwser’s Cache & Cookies Data

Corrupted or expired cache and cookies data can prevent Cox Webmail from opening and functioning normally. Cleaning them may help resolve the problem.


Why is my Coxinet Webmail not working at all?

If you are unable to access the Coxnet Webmail service, it may be for a number of reasons, including service disruptions from Cox Communications, problems with your Internet connection, problems with your device or browser, etc.

I am unable to send or receive emails using Coxinet Webmail. How can I fix this issue?

There can be several things that can prevent you from sending or receiving emails using Coxinet webmail. Start troubleshooting by checking your internet connection. Verify that the settings are configured accurately, including the incoming and outgoing server settings, username, and password. Also, ensure that your mailbox account has not exceeded the storage limit, clear your browser’s cache & cookies data, and sign out and sign back in. 

If the issue persists, contact Cox Communications’ support for help.

Visit to get help.

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