Twitter is back to the verification process for blue tick in 2021

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Twitter is one of the most usable social media platforms all over the world. This social media platform is not only used for personal, but business owners also use this to get more business as this is a big traffic source. Twitter also allows its users to get a blue tick badge. Some of the Twitter Verification Process for Blue Tick has been changed in 2021. Now, anyone can apply for Blue Tick Badge, but there are some limitations that they have to follow.

What is the mean of the Blue Tick Badge on Twitter?

The Blue Tick Badge on the Twitter profile introduces that the public profile is authentic, which means if an account is Blue Ticked on Twitter, then it is notable, active, and authentic. The Blue Ticked profile also tells that the profile is verified, and users can trust this.

Twitter Verification Process for Blue Tick

If a profile is not Bule ticked, it doesn’t mean that this profile is not active or not notable. The blue tick is nothing but can use to increase the trust between the users and platform.

The Twitter verification process for blue tick in 2021

To get verified on Twitter or to get Blue Tick Badge on Twitter in 2021, your profile picture should be yours and clear (Brands and other businesses can use their Logos), your account should have a clear name, and your mobile number or Email Id should be verified.

Twitter has informed that the Twitter verification process for blue tick in 2021 will be held in 6 stages. These stages will include Government Companies, news, entertainment, sports, brands, Organisers, and other effective people will be included. 

If anyone has a big amount of followers, then they can also apply to get Blue Badge from Twitter. See the official tweet done by Twitter to verify your account in a new way.

How People Can Apply for Blue Tick

As Twitter has announced that, it will start the verification process for Blue Tick in the next few weeks, users will able to see the verification tabs in their account. If a user belongs to any of the 6 categories mentioned above, can select his category and submit his/her Government ID and Email ID. After that click on the submit link. 

Fater submission, Twitter will check all the documents and information provided by you, and then, your account will get a Blue Tick if Twitter found all the information and IDs are correct.

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