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Are you facing issues with the Thinkmoney app? Is it not working on your device? Don’t worry, this is the place- where you will get the best and easy ways that will solve issues with the Thinkmoney app.

Thinkmoney is a UK-based online banking service provider that helps users to make payments or receive payments online. 

As the online payment option, Thinkmoney has well fitted for the users. But, as it is a digital platform, sometimes, users may face issues with it. This guide has pointed out some common issues that users may face while they try to use the Thinkmoney app.

Common Issues with Thinkmoney App

We have included some issues that users may face generally- when they try to use the Thinkmoney app.

Loading Issue

The Thinmoney app screen may get stuck on loading. This is a common issue that you may see when you just try to open the Thinkmoney app. 

Black screen/white screen (Blank Screen)

This is the second most common problem that a user may face when he/she tries to access the Thinkmoney app. Usually, this may happen when some server issues are going on with Thinkmoney. So, close the app and wait for a while and after some time, relaunch the app.

Login or account issues

Thinkmoney app has a login option that sometimes, may be restricted for a user. Login issues generally happen when you enter the wrong details, however, sometimes, some other things may also affect this like a server issue, a connectivity problem, etc.

Blocked Account

If a user enters the Thinkmoney PIN incorrectly too many times, his/her Thinkmoney account may get blocked. If your Thinkmoney account has been blocked, you can easily unblock it at a cash machine, or you can call Thinkmoney support.

Installation issues

Sometimes, Installation of the Thinkmoney app may get hindered. Generally, this could happen due to unsupported devices, low storage, unserviced zone, wrong date and time settings, a bug in the app, etc.

Notifications-related issues

To solve notification issues with the Thinkmoney app, go to settings on your phone and access the notification section. See if the Thinkmoney app is blocked here. Allow all the necessary permissions for the app, and the notification will start working.

Payment Issues

Payment issues generally happen when a user enters incorrect details.  So, if you are facing a payment-related issue on Thinkmoney, check the details that you are entering, and try again. If your payment has been stuck, call Thinkmoney support.

Fix: “Thinkmoney App Not Working.”

Thinkmoney App Not Working

For most of the users, the Thinkmoney app is not working, crashing, or freezing. A lot of users contacted us and said that “Thinkmoney App Not Working” for them. So, let’s see the simple steps that will resolve this issue.

Restart Your Device

We know that this is a very common solution that many users have already done before searching for the solution on the internet, but if you haven’t done it, this will fix the issues for you. Just close the Thinkmoney app and restart your device.

Check Server Status

Make sure the servers of Thinkmoney are up and running. Sometimes, service outages may happen due to an overload or maintenance work on the server. 

Follow the official social channels of Thinkmoney and see if any update is posted there or not.

Update The Thinkmoney app

An outdated patch of the application may cause an issue, so to fix issues with the Thinkmoney app, install its latest version.

Android Users: Open Google Play Store >> Tap on Manage Apps & Device >> Switch to the Manage section >> Click on the Updates Available >> Select Thinkmoney app >> Tap on Update. Now, restart your phone and the app again, and see if the issue has been fixed or not. 

For iPhone users: Open the App Store >> Tap on your profile icon >> Scroll down to see pending updates and release notes for the apps >> Tap Update next to the Thinkmoney app. Restart your device and launch the app again. See if the issue with the Thinkmoney app has been resolved or not.

Clear App Cache

Most of the time, clearing the Thinkmoney app cache resolves the issue. So, if you are facing an issue with the Thinkmony app, just clear the Thinkmoney app cache. To do this,

For Android users, Open your Phone Settings >> Go to the Apps and then search for Thinkmoney app >> click on that, and tap on clear cache. The Thinkmoney app cache will be cleared and the issue will be resolved.

For iPhone users, Go to iPhone settings >> Go to General >> search for Thinkmoney App and then click on that >> Tap on iPhone Storage >>  Next, click on the Offload App button >> Again Reinstall the Thinkmoney app.

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Update the App Store (iPhone)

If the Thinkmoney app has its latest patch, and you are still facing issues with this then, to fix the issues on your iPhone, update the app store. To do this,

Open the App Store and scroll down to the bottom >> Click on Account >> Click on Updates. Install the latest patch and see if the issue with the Thinkmoney app on your iPhone has been resolved or not.

Update The Google Play Store (Android)

Sometimes, updating the Google Play store to its latest build resolve issues with the Thinkmoney app. To do this, 

Open Google Play Store and click on User Icon >> Select Settings >> Click on About >> Tap on Play Store Version >> Click on Update Play Store. If the Play store already has its latest version, you will see a prompt – “latest version is already installed.”

After updating, restart your phone and see if the Thinkmoney app is started working or not.

Update your Device OS to its Latest Build

If your device’s OS is outdated, the Thinkmoney app may stop working. So, try to install your device OS to its latest build so that the app may start working properly.

If you are an Android user,

Charge your phone fully and connect it to a Wi-Fi network >> Open your Phone Settings >> Select About Phone >> Click on System Update and then tap on Check For Updates option. If an update is available for your Phone OS, install it and restart your phone after installing successfully. 

Now, check if the Thinkmoney app is opening fine or not.

Reinstall the Thinkmoney App

To fix Thinmoney app issues, uninstall and reinstall it. Before deleting the app, clear the app cache & data and then delete it from your device. After deleting it, reinstall it from the play store or app store and launch it again. After reinstalling the Thinkmoney app, this will start working.

Contact Support

However, the Thinkmoney app should start working after applying all the steps mentioned above, but if still, it is not working, contacting Thinkmoney support will be your last option.

Tell them your issue and the official team will fix it.

Final Words

To fix issues with the Thinkmoney app, force stop the app and restart your device. After this, launch the Thinkmoney app and the app will start working. If not then, check for a stable internet connection and check the server status.

Alternately, updating the app and your device app/play store may also fix the issues. Clearing the app cache could also help if the issue is still happening. 

If nothing helps, uninstall and reinstall the Thinkmoney app or contact the official support.

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