Taco Bell App Not Working: Easiest Ways To Fix [2024]

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Is the Taco Bell app not working on your mobile (Android or iOS)? Do you want to place an order at Taco Bell, but it is refused due to an unknown issue? Nothing to worry about, let’s solve the issue with Taco Bell and complete your order.

// Taco Bell is an American company that offers you to order and pay ahead, access to new offers, avoid the queue, and many more features.

These features made Taco Bell popular among all who love to go to restaurants and enjoy their food. Using this app, you can track your order and know- how much time it will take to come to your table.

Sometimes, the application may start misbehaving and stop working on your device. This guide is all about this topic like why Taco Bell may stop working and what could be the solutions that can resolve this issue.

So, just read this guide and solve the issue with your Taco Bell app.

Why is the Taco Bell App Not Working?

The Taco Bell app may stop working on your device due to an unstable internet connection, corrupted cache & cookies data, server issues, an outed version of the application, wrong date & time settings, or due to compatibility issues.

Also, if you recently updated the app and it has not working since then, there may be some bugs installed in the latest version.

Fix: Taco Bell App Not Working

Whatever the case, follow the step-by-step process and see the result.

Taco Bell App Not Working

Restart Your Phone

The first step is first- if you are facing an issue with the Taco Bell app, a simple restart of your phone may fix that. So, Close the Taco Bell app and do a simple restart of your phone.

Check if the app has started working properly or if there is an issue with that.

Check your Internet Connectivity

Avoid using public networks, use your mobile data or home network to prevent general network issues. So, if you are facing an issue with the Taco Bell app, first of all, check your internet connection. 

If you are using a public network, switch to a private network such as your mobile data or your home network.

Perform an internet speed test and ensure that your device has speedy and stable internet.

Check Server Status

Maybe, sometimes, servers are too busy to handle your request at Taco Bell. This can happen due to a load on the server. Sometimes, a bunch of users may land on the platform at the same time, this may lead to server issues.

So, check if any server outage is happening with Taco Bell or not. Wait for some time, if you found it right.

Clear Taco Bell App Cache

Most of the time, when there is some issue with the app, the simplest way can resolve the issue and that is to clear the app cache & cookies data. So, To fix the Taco Bell app not working issue, clear the Taco Bell app cache on your device. 

To clear the Taco Bell App cache (Android & iPhone), follow the steps accordingly:

If you are an Android user: 

Go to settings >> Apps >> Find Taco Bell App and click on that >> Click on clear cache. 

If you are an iPhone user: 

Go to iPhone settings >> Next go to General >> Find Taco Bell App and click on that >> Click on iPhone Storage >>  Tap on Offload App button >> Again Reinstall the Taco Bell app. 

This will clear the Taco Bell App cache on your iPhone.

Now, Check Taco Bell app starts working or not after Clearing the cache.

Update Taco Bell App to Its Latest Version

To fix the Taco Bell app issue, update the Taco Bell app with its latest version as sometimes, the older version may stop working perfectly.

So, If your Taco Bell app version is outdated or you are using an older version of the app, then it may stop working properly. 

When you update the Taco Bell app to the latest version, this will fix all previous bugs that were known to the Taco Bell support team. 

So, just update the app and see if the issue has been resolved or not, or still, the app is not working.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Taco Bell App

To fix the issue with Taco Bell, first, uninstall and then reinstall the Taco Bell app from the trusted source. Sometimes, this process may resolve the issue. But, before reinstalling, it is very important to clear the app cache and data from your device.

So, after clearing the cache and app data from your device, uninstall the app and then re-install again and check Taco Bell app is working or not. 

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Disable VPN

If you are using a VPN on your device, make sure it is disabled before going to use the Taco Bell app.

Taco Bell is geotargeted, so always keep in mind that if you use a VPN or accidentally your VPN is ON, the app may stop working.

Check Date & Time Settings

As we have told you the application Taco Bell is geo-targeted, sometimes the Taco Bell app may not work properly if your device’s date & time settings are not set to the real date & time.

So, Make sure that your device’s date & time syncs with the real date & time. 

Check Compatibility

If you have just installed the Taco Bell app on your device and this is not working, then first check the compatibility of your phone with the Taco Bell app. 

If there is any compatibility issue or your phone is not compatible with the Taco Bell app, then use another compatible phone. The Taco Bell app will work, and the issue with be resolved.


If the Taco Bell app is not working on your phone (Android or iPhone), restart your phone, check the internet connection, check compatibility, check server status, check date & time settings, and disable VPN. Additionally, if nothing helps, uninstall and reinstall the application. This will install the latest and updated version of the Taco Bell app.

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