PS5 Controller (Dualsense) D-Pad is not working- Fix it in minutes

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If you have problems with your PS5 controller D-Pad that doesn’t function as expected, then stick to this article.

On Reddit, many users shared their reviews of how they overcame their problems. Among these solutions, there is one of the most effective and result-oriented, where you need to press the PS and touchpad buttons at the same time for approximately 10–15 seconds.

If you can’t get results by performing this, you may go for the Force method, resetting the controller, cleaning the D-Pad buttons, and upgrading the system firmware.

Don’t know how to perform these methods? Don’t worry, let’s discuss them in detail. But before that, if these solutions don’t work, it means your controller may have physical damage, and then you have to repair or buy a new one.


Reboot your PS5

It sounds too common, but it is one of the most effective solutions to fix the PS5 Controller (Dualsense) D-Pad is not working you follow the same procedure for rebooting any device, including pressing and holding the power button for 5–10 seconds, waiting for 1 minute, and then restarting it.

Force method

If the PS5 Controller (Dualsense) D-Pad is not working, press the D-Pad Up button with some extra force, so there could be a chance that it starts showing results, as many users get results with this solution. But, on the other hand, also ensure that you do not apply too much force to the button so that it gets damaged.

Clean D-Pad Buttons

If dust is stored between the D-Pad buttons on your PS5, it also affects the functionality of the button. Regularly clean the D-Pad buttons with the help of the given steps:

Fold a piece of paper twice or three times, then put the corner part into the sides of the D-Pad buttons and around the edges. Gently clean the button and repeat the same procedure with all buttons.

Reset the PS5 Dualsense Controller

  • Shut down the PS5
  • On the back side of the controller, there is a small hole close to the Sony logo.
  • A small pin with a sharp ending, or, we say, a toothpick, insert it into the hole that you found in the previous step, and hold the button for at least 5–10 seconds.
  • Further, restart the PS5.
  • Now, connect the controller with the help of USB-C and start pressing the PS button.

Update the firmware

  • Use a USB cable to connect the Dualsense Controller to your PS5.
  • Access the settings
  • Now, go to the Accessories section and choose the controller.
  • Choose the wireless controller device software option.
  • If you see any updates, click on the update button; otherwise, you have the latest firmware.

Keep in mind that you should not disconnect the USB cable from the controller or turn off the PS5 when your firmware update is in process.

Wrapping Out

We hope that you can resolve this issue with the help of these methods. But, in case you can’t resolve the issue, try to connect with the users on Reddit and eBuzzpro to learn their methods and get some additional assistance.

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