Now That’s TV Plus Not Working: Effective Solutions

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Users across various platforms including Reddit reported that the Now Thats TV Plus is not working for them. They are unable to access the website. If you are also encountering the same issue, consider taking a few effective steps to resolve the issue.


Check Website Status

First of all, it is advisable to verify the status of the Now That’s TV Plus website. If the services are not accessible across a wide area – it is likely that the website is under maintenance or the services are experiencing some downtime. Visit the Now That TV Plus website status page to verify if the issue is localized to your device or if its services are inaccessible to wider users.

Make sure You have a Stable Internet

Whether you are using Wi-Fi or mobile data to stream Now Thats TV Plus content, ensure it is dependable and strong enough.

Clear Browser Data

Accumulated browser cache and cookies data may prevent the Now That TV Plus website from launching or opening – clearing your browser data is a suggestion to resolve such issues.

Reload or Re-open the Website

It’s worth a try– simply reloading the webpage or closing it and then relaunching may resolve the temporary glitch.

Experiment With the Incognito Mode

If you have installed or added many extensions to your browser, try opening the Now That TV Plus website in incognito mode. This can disable tracking cookies and help you determine if the problem is related to your current browser settings.

Try a Different Browser

If the above steps did not help you and the problem is still unchanged, trying a different browser may be a good option to choose.

Try switching to another browser such as Firefox, Edge, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Why is Now That’s TV Plus Not Working?

There could be various factors that might affect the Now That’s TV Plus. The first and most common cause is server problems. If the servers are up and running, it could be your internet – slow or unstable internet can cause a slowdown in performance.

Additionally, the problem may originate from your device – compatibility issues or device-specific issues may hinder the proper functioning of the service.

Other possible causes are- accumulated browser cache and cookies data, outdated browser version, extra extensions, VPN or proxy, ad-blocker, etc.

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