Netflix Error tvq-pb-101 (1.9.0) [Why It Appears, How To Fix It]

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If you have subscribed to Netflix, one of the biggest OTT giants then you can enjoy your daily dose of entertainment. But, an accidental error can hamper your fun trip. Netflix error tvq-pb-101 (1.9.0) is one of the many random errors that occur on the platform and are triggered occasionally.

Fix Netflix Error tvq-pb-101 (1.9.0)

Let’s see why this error appears and how to troubleshoot it on different platforms such as Android/iPhone, Sky Glass TV or other Smart TVs, Roku, Apple TV, etc.

Why Does Netflix Error TVQ-PB-101(1.9.0) Appear?

The Netflix error TVQ-PB-101(1.9.0) says – “Checking network connection” and typically appears when the platform fails to establish a seamless connection to its servers to stream content—officially saying that the data stored on your device stops Netflix from playing. But, there are other causes too, including – your internet, server outage, or temporary glitch with Netflix, an outdated version of the Netflix app & your device’s software.

Majorly, Sky Glass TV users have encountered this error, however, other users may also encounter this error preventing them from streaming anything on Netflix.

Is There any Outage With Netflix?

Visit to see if there is any outage with Netflix. If Yes, wait for a while, developers will resolve the issue as soon as possible. Once the problem is resolved from their end, streaming will start again.

General Troubleshooting Steps For Netflix Error tvq-pb-101 (1.9.0)

Mainely, the error tvq-pb-101 (1.9.0) appears when Netflix fails to connect to its server. To troubleshoot this error, follow these steps – 

  • Make sure your internet is strong and fast enough.
  • Power cycle your router or if possible switch to another internet.
  • Make sure the Netflix app and your streaming device’s software are up to date.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app.
  • Log out and re-login to your Netflix account.
  • Contact Netflix support.

Sky Glass TV Users

If the error code tvq-pb-101 (1.9.0) is appearing on your Sky Glass TV then make sure your TV’s firmware is up to date. Older versions of your TV’s software may conflict with the Netflix app and hence you may get the error code.

If your TV has its latest version and the Netflix app is also up to date, then verify the Netflix server’s health and wait until developers fix the issues with it.

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