Sky Glass TV Stuck on Software Update? [Causes and Fixes!]

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To keep your Sky Glass TV away from many problems and bugs, it is important to update its software from time to time. But, for some users, this is not an easy task – software updates are not happening as smoothly as they should. The update is stuck in the progress screen.

Sky Glass TV Stuck on Software Update

If this is happening to you too, then don’t worry! We will explain why such an error occurs and how to troubleshoot it. 

Why Is My Sky Glass TV Stuck on a Software Update?

Your Sky Glass TV may get stuck updating software for various reasons, including – 

  1. A temporary glitch – A temporary glitch may prevent your TV’s software from completing the update, resetting your TV may help in this case.
  1. Unstable/Poor Internet – Slow or unstable internet can be the main reason for software updates stuck.
  1. An unknown problem – If the above two causes are not the culprit then it could be an unknown and undefined error preventing your TV from completing the update.

How to Troubleshoot Sky Glass TV Stuck on Software Update?

Follow these troubleshooting steps to resume or restart your Sky Glass TV stuck in the middle of a software update –

Soft Reset Your TV 

If the software update is paused due to a temporary glitch, resetting your TV may help restart it or start fresh.

  • Unplug your TV from the main power outlet.
  • Leave the TV unplugged for a few minutes.
  • Now, plug the TV back and press and hold the power button on it (For 30 seconds).
  • Let your TV turn On by itself.

Start updating your TV’s software.

Make sure your TV is connected to a stable and strong internet

Without stable and strong internet, installing your TV’s software is probably difficult – updates may get stuck or paused.

Disconnect your TV from your home Internet and reconnect to reestablish the connection. Also, power cycle your router or Internet device to resolve any temporary Internet glitches.

Unplug your router from the main power outlet and detach the box from all the wires and cables connected to it. Leave the Wi-Fi box disconnected for a few minutes (At least 5 minutes). Now, connect all the wires and cables then turn the router On. Try connecting your TV to your internet and start updating its software.

Reset Network Settings

If power cycling your router doesn’t make any changes, try resetting your TV’s network settings. Here’s how –

  • Press the “Home” button on the Sky Glass remote. 
  • Select “Settings” from the options.
  • Locate “Network”, then select Status.
  • Next, select “Reset”.
  • Select “Confirm” on the prompt.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and connect your TV to the network again.

Install the Update Forcefully

If the update is stuck, force your Sky Glass TV to restart it or install it from scratch. Here’s how to install the update forcefully on Sky Glass TV – 

  • Press and hold the power button on the TV or under the puck to turn off your TV.
  • The red light on the Sky Glass TV or the white light on the puck should start flashing.
  • Once this happens, release the Power button.
  • After this, you should see the logo on your glass screen or the screen attached to the puck.
  • As soon as you see the logo on the screen, press and hold the Power button for another 10 seconds.
  • Next, release it and follow the instructions to install updates to your Sky Glass TV.


How long does it take to update Sky Glass software?

To install software updates on your Sky Glass TV, time may vary depending on file size and your internet speed; However, it should not exceed 30 minutes. 

How do I know if my Sky Glass has been updated?

Follow these steps to check your Sky Glass TV’s latest software version:

Home -> Settings -> System Management -> System Info. 

What should I do if the software update is still stuck?

If you still facing issues installing the latest software update for your Sky Glass TV, you should contact the support at  

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