Neon Error Code 002 On Samsung TV: 3 Simple Ways to Fix

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Are you a Samsung TV user who is facing error code 002 when trying to use the NeOn app? You are not alive, many Samsung TV users are getting this error code while accessing the neon app. 

The important thing is to know the reasons for this error code and the steps that could resolve this from your screen. 

This is a guide where you will get the proper information about this error code and you will be able to solve the issues with the Neon app.

So, to fix the neon error code 002 on Samsung TV, just go with this guide- till the end. But, first of all, let’s know the reasons.

Why does the Neon Error Code 002 On Samsung TV appear?

If you are seeing error code 002 while accessing the Neon app on your Samsung TV, then, 

  • Your TV model is older and could be older than 2013.
  • The neon app or the Samsung TV may have any pending updates.
  • There is a temporary bug or glitch with your Samsung TV.

Fix: Neon Error Code 002 On Samsung TV

Neon Error Code 002 On Samsung TV

Fix 1: Your TV Model Is Too Old

Samsung has officially mentioned that the Neon app only supports the Samsung TV models released from 2013 onwards. So if your TV model is pre from 2013, then you might get error code 002.

In this case, you can do nothing to get the Neon TV on your Samsung TV.

Check out this official announcement where you can clearly see that the Neon TV  will only support Samsung TVs which are from 2013 onwards.

In case, if your TV model is from 2013 or onward, then go with the below-mentioned steps to fix the error code 002.

Fix 2: Check Update For Samsung TV & Neon App

If your Samsung TV hasn’t been updated for a long time, if you’re not using the latest version of your Samsung TV firmware, you may face the error code 002 while you try to access the Neon app.

This is applicable to the  Neon app also, if the app hasn’t been updated to its latest version, you may get this error code.

So check if there are any pending updates for your Samsung TV or the neon app and install it- if available. 

After this, see what is the status o the error code, the error should be resolved now. ✌️

If you are still facing issues, check out the next step. 

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Fix 3: Reset the Smart Hub 

If the Neon app and your TV have their latest versions, and still, you’re facing the error code 002, then resetting the smart hub is the best way to resolve this error.

Here are the steps that will reset the Smart hub and fix the error code 002:

  • Turn on your TV (Samsung Smart TV).
  • On the Remote, click the Smart Hub button.
  • Once the Smart Hub screen displays a prompt, click the D letter on the remote which has a blue color.
  • Now, tap reset.
  • Lastly, enter your password to confirm the Smart Hub reset process.

Final Texts…

We hope the Neon error 002 from your Samsung TV has been gone now and you are enjoying the app content. 🤩

Sometimes, the above steps may get fail to resolve the error code because your TV may have some glitch that could only be resolved by official support.

So, if you are still facing the error, contact Samsung TV support

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