Fix: LiveNation/Ticketmaster Thinks I’m a Bot (3 Simple Steps!)

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LiveNation/Ticketmaster Thinks I’m a Bot: Is LiveNation or Ticketmaster considering you as a bot, and you are failing to book your tickets using any of these platforms?

Follow this step-by-step guide to resolve this issue and also know the reasons why this issue might appear.

Live Nation/Ticketmaster is an online ticketing platform where you can buy or sell tickets for upcoming events. Live Nation is an event promoter company and was merged with Ticketmaster in 2009 (February). 

Since then, LiveNation has followed the acquisition of the merger, and the company LiveNation is in partnership with many other companies.

For more details, you can read LiveNation’s wiki here.

Error message “Pardon, you are a bot” may usually appear on the LiveNation/Ticketmaster platform when users try to book tickets for the events. This can happen if you are using a public network, a VPN, or a security software such as Antivirus during the ticket booking process. 

Fix: LiveNation/Ticketmaster Thinks I’m a Bot

Here are the simple steps that you can try and fix LiveNation/Ticketmaster Thinks I’m a Bot issue.

"Pardon, you are a bot" LiveNation/Ticketmaster Thinks I'm a Bot

Don’t Use a Public Network

If you are using a public network such as a restaurant or office network that is being used by many people, avoid this, and use your network to book tickets.

If you are using your phone, use your mobile data and if you are using your PC (Laptop or Desktop), use your home network or you can tether with your phone data.

Disable VPN

If you are using VPN software on your system and you are trying to book tickets then, this can be the most probable cause when Livenation/Ticketmaster may kick you out, and the error message “Pardon, you are a bot” may appear.

So, disable your VPN and try booking the tickets after that.

To disable your VPN without any mistake, you can read it here- How to Disable VPN or Proxy Server.

Disable Antivirus Software

If you are using your Laptop or Desktop then, it might be possible that you have installed security software on it- such as Antivirus software. 

Antivirus software may block the ticketing platform which might cause an issue and show the error message.

So, disable it and try booking your tickets after that.

To disable your antivirus without an issue, read here- How to Disable Antivirus software.

Additionally, you can try booking your tickets on your phone- if you are facing the issue on your laptop or desktop.

Final Words

We hope, you have fixed the issue LiveNation/Ticketmaster Thinks I’m a Bot or “Pardon, you are a bot.” If you have any other questions or doubts, you can freely ask us in the comment section. Also, you can share this guide with your friends if they are also facing the same issue as you.


  1. I’m still not having any luck – I’m at home using my private & secure WiFi, no vpn is on and I’m still getting this error msg. Any other suggestions? Thank you!

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