HSBC Error Code api_102 [Fix 2023!]

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HSBC Error Code api_102: Are you facing this error code? Continue reading to know about this error.

HSBC is well settled and UK-based multinational universal bank. It is also known for its financial services such as NRI services, loans, money transfers, credit cards, etc. 

The bank provides multi services such as Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Global Markets, Asset Management, and Insurance.

As the services are very vast and there are many categories, there are a large number of people who are associated with the bank.

But, people face errors using the app or website of the bank, and the error code api_102 is one of them.

The error is preventing the users from using the app and hence they are getting in trouble with their daily transactions, investments, and other things.

In this guide, you’ll learn what is this error code and what you should do to resolve it.

What is HSBC Error Code api_102?

The error code api_102 on HSBC is an unknown error related to the API. This error is appearing during the API implementation to the system. 

The error implies an issue or a minor error that has appeared during the API communication.

How to Fix HSBC Error Code api_102?

How to Fix HSBC Error Code api_102

Since the error is totally unknown and no specific solutions are available for this, you only have the option to contact support in order to fix this error code. 

So, visit this link- to contact HSBC support.

If visiting the link and submitting a ticket seems tough for you, call on 1860 266 2667. 

You also have another option to get in touch with HSBC support- by sending a text message from the app. 

So, you have three options to contact the support, select any of those and ask them to provide a solution to the issue.

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