Zoom Error Code 1142 | Explained & Fixed [2024]

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Like many other errors, users are getting Zoom Error Code 1142 on their screens when they are going to join a meeting using the Zoom Application. If you too, getting the same, try the workarounds mentioned in this tutorial guide to fix this error code.

Zoom application is gaining more and more popularity day by day but it throws errors and bugs too. Hopefully, we are here to help you with all errors and bugs, as we have covered mostly zoom errors that can be seen by visiting here.

What does Zoom Error Code 1142 indicate?

Zoom Error Code 1142, indicates that you are trying to join a meeting from a country where the Zoom services are not available or the countries that are blocked by Zoom. This can also appear if you are using a proxy that is set to a country that has been blocked by Zoom. The exact message may appear like this: “Unable to Join the Meeting. This meeting is not accessible from (country name) at this time (Error code: 1142).”

How to Fix Zoom Error Code 1142?

There are two possible solutions to fix this error code. Both solutions are vice versa. 

  • First of all, if you are getting this error code, you should check if your country is in the blocked list of Zoom. Zoom doesn’t provide services in selected countries and you can check this list at this link.

            Zoom’s Restricted countries or regions

  • If you are in a country that belongs to this list, then you can choose a VPN service to set your location to the other countries except for the list. 
Zoom Error Code 1142
  • Next, If you are in a country that is not mentioned in the list, then you should check if accidentally, your VPN is set to a country where the Zoom services are blocked.
  • If you find this true, then you have to disable your VPN and try again to join a meeting using Zoom.

In case, if none of the methods helped you to fix Zoom Error Code 1142, you are free to contact Zoom Support without any hesitation. You can ask them related to your issue and if you are getting any other issues too.

Confirm Zoom Token or Details with the Host

A valid Token or details are required to attend or join a conference or meeting. So if you get an error code like this, you should confirm your details as well as the details provided by your host.

Additional Tips

Tip 1

Apply this method if you are in a country where Zoom services are available as this method helped many users to fix this error code: Just disable the option with text- Approve or block entry for users from specific countries/regions. This option exists in the settings.

  • Log into your profile (Web) and click on Settings.
  • Under the meeting section, scroll down and you will find the option to block or approve users from specific countries/regions.
  • If it is on then, turn off this option and try to join a meeting, or host one.

Tip 2

If you are trying to join a meeting hosted by a person and that person has blocked your country using the “approve or block entry for users from specific countries/regions” feature then, you may face Zoom error code 1142. Even though, your country does not belong to a blocked country list from the Zoom application.

In this situation, you have to ask your host to uncheck the box next to the “approve or block entry for users from specific countries/regions” option.

If you have any other doubt in your mind you are free to comment us in the comment section. We will answer your queries as soon as possible. Thanks…


  1. Trying to have Zoom calls with the United States. I am in United Kingdom and keep getting Error Code 1142. Why?

  2. I am trying to attend a Zoom Webinar in the UK and the link that was sent keeps displaying Error 1142. It says that it is not accessible in Sri Lanka. Several participants from the USA also are encountering the same problem.

  3. My country is not in the restricted country list but when I try to turn off ‘block or approve users from specific countries/regions’ it says that it is locked by my domain. It also says ‘Allow only users from: Seychelles’ which I definitely don’t want because I live in Australia.

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