What is Zoom error code 3078 and How you can Fix it?

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Users are facing the Zoom error code 3078 when they are trying to connect or join a meeting using their Zoom application. We have covered the most common zoom errors previously. You can check out our guide on Zoom errors and their solutions to learn more about errors.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the mentioned error code. Although no official information is available related to this error code, we have tried to cover all about this.

What is Zoom error code 3078?

According to staff on Devforum, Zoom error code: 3078 indicates that you are trying to join a Zoom meeting from a country in which Zoom services are not available. Or, your VPN, is set to a country where Zoom services are not available.

How you will fix this error code?

Now, the question is how you will fix this error code. So, as you will have to understand from the definition of this error code if you want to join a Zoom meeting, where the Zoom services are restricted, then you can choose another country with the help of VPN software. If you don’t have any VPN software, then you will have to wait until the Zoom services run in these countries.

How to fix Zoom error code 3078

You can check the restricted places in the world where Zoom services are not allowed.

Zoom’s Restricted countries or regions

If you are in a country where Zoom services are available and you are getting the error code, then you should check if the VPN is set to one restricted country or region.

If it is set to one of the restricted areas, then you should disable it and try again to join the meeting.

If none of the above is the reason behind the Zoom error code 3078; means after applying the above solutions still get the error code, then you should contact the support of Zoom.

You can ask them without any hesitation and also if you have more than one concern you should ask them. They will help you as soon as possible.


Since error code 3078 indicates a restriction on accessing Zoom services, you will need a VPN or you will have to change your DNS to fix this error.

If your VPN is accidentally pointing to a restricted country or location, connect to a serviced location.

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