How To Fix Party Animals error code 30201

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Party Animal is a popular game that is available on the Xbox, Xbox series X and S, and Microsoft Windows in which you have to fight with your friends in the form of kittens.

However, recently, Party Animals error code 30201 ruined the user experience. If you are also one of the victims of this error, then join this article to get an effective solution to conquer it.

What Is Party Animals Error Code 30201?

Party Animals error code 30201 relates to an issue with the multiplayer feature: whenever you try to multiplayer, you will see this error. It might be that the single-player mode is not affected by this error, so if you want to play it, then go for the single-player mode. You will see it on your screen, particularly while playing Xbox, with a note that says- “outdated client version.

There could be other potential reasons also present that contribute to the issue, such as poor internet connection, an outdated version of the game, and minor bugs and glitches.

How to Fix Party Animals Error Code 30201

Fix Party Animals error code 30201

Update the game

An outdated version of the game is the main culprit of this error. To conquer it, make sure you’re using an updated version of the game.

But if you cannot find the update, there is probably a delay in the Xbox update, so it is recommended that you wait some time until it comes and restart the device to get the Xbox update sooner.

Restart your router

To get rid of the temporary bugs and glitches with the internet connection, this method will surely help you: just turn off your router, hold yourself for 10–15 seconds, and restart it.

Disable the VPN

By this method, many users have resolved their problems, so based on our high recommendations, we suggest you disable your VPN temporarily and restart it again.

Restart your device

Another simple and quick method to resolve your issue is to restart your device. You need to turn off your device, wait for some time, and then restart it.

Contact Support

If you do not get results, then do not hesitate to contact the Party Animal Customer Care Service for further assistance, brief out your problem in detail, and get a specific solution according to your situation.

Bottom Line 

We hope this article helps you resolve your issue and that you will return to your gaming world. But in some cases, there is still a gap left, so connect with the Party Animal Customer Services.

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