Error Code Porpoise on Destiny 2: Simple Steps To Fix

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Is Error Code Porpoise on Destiny 2 bothering you? Destiny 2 free-to-play online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game which is gaining love from many users, while many are facing errors and issues in it. 

So, you are not alone, many other users are also facing errors on Destiny 2 and are unable to play this game. Let’s see what exactly this “porpoise” error does say.

This article has some beneficial information about the error code “Porpoise” that is affecting many users and preventing them from playing the game.

We hope this information could help you if you are facing this error while you are trying to play Destiny 2.

What is Error  Code Porpoise on Destiny 2, and what does it Say?

According to the Bungie forum, Error code Porpoise on Destiny 2 says this- “Please retry that activity again and resume what you were doing before the error occurred. If you encounter this error again, please exit Destiny and then relaunch. If you continue to see this error, it’s likely due to testing we are doing on our end, please pardon our dust! Watch and follow @BungieHelp for updates.”

The cause of this error code is unknown, but this article has some steps that can be beneficial to you.

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How to Fix Error  Code Porpoise on Destiny 2?

Error Code Porpoise on Destiny 2

Check Bungie Server Status

Error code Porpoise could be a result of the Bungie server issue, this error code generally pops up due to a server issue or some maintenance work going from Bungie’s end. So, check the server status and wait a while as Bungie’s developers know about this issue, and they will resolve it, as soon as they can.

For updates and related information about the maintenance work or any other issues with Bungie- Visit  @BungieHelp.

To check Server issues- search the term “Down Detector” and visit to see if any server issues are going on with Bungie.

However, the error mostly comes from Bungie’s end, you can try out some simple workarounds to fix it. Doing some very simple tasks, sometimes, this error could be resolved. Let’s see what they did.

Restart Your Device

This could be lucky for many users as it helped some users; they restarted their device, and the error “Porpoise” was no more for them. So, you can try this and see if this helps you or not.

Completely close the game (Destiny 2) and restart your device.

Power Cycle Your Router

For some users, this worked. This task is good if there is a connectivity issue. This help to refresh the connection, which is good to prevent connectivity issues.

So if you are encountering the error code Porpoise, just power cycle your router or internet device. 

To do this, unplug the power cables from the main power source and wait for 4 to 5 minutes, after that, replug the cables and restart your router.

Other Steps that users found helpful

Here are some other steps that you can perform to fix the error.

  • Reset your Internet Connection.
  • Reset your console to fix the error code Porpoise on Destiny 2: If you are facing this error code on your console (PS 4, Xbox, etc)  and you have checked your internet connection, checked server status, and found these things good, then resetting your console could be the help. 
  • Uninstalling and Reinstalling: If you are facing the error code Porpoise on Destiny 2, uninstall the game and reinstall it. Sometimes, this solves the issues and the game start working without getting the error code.

Final Words

Bungie has come with many issues and errors that users are constantly facing. Most of the errors are known by Bungie’s Developers and at the time, they are doing work to keep the platform bug-free, but still many errors are bothering the users. 

So, keep patience- if you are seeing an error that is from Bungie’s end. Keep your eyes on the official forum, and social profile for updates.

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