Useful Tips To Fix Server Communication Error on Nintendo Switch

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If your Nintendo Switch shows an error message like this: “A server communication error has occurred,” then you’re at the right place. 

If we discuss the causes of this issue, two main culprits appear in front of you: your DNS server or your unreliable internet connection because this console couldn’t connect with the Nintendo Switch. 

Before we start discussing solutions, we need to consider that some issues cannot be fixed by ourselves. One of them is Nintendo server downtime, which cannot be troubleshooted on your end. In such a scenario, you have to calm down and wait until any official information is announced by the developers. To get the latest updates, make sure you allow notifications on the official website.

Effective Tips to Fix Server Communication Error on the Nintendo Switch


Restart or move closer to your WiFi router

Weak signal strength cannot support the console’s ability to operate firmly. To avoid this problem, unpaired it from the power source, hold yourself for 10-15 seconds and then pair it. Move closer to the router to boost the signal strength.

Close and restart your console

By restarting your console, you will be able to remove temporary bugs and glitches that may cause the error. Close the console by long pressing the power button and then under power options select restart it.

Update the software

The developer launches the software updates regularly to meet the recent requirements and boost performance. So ensure you’re using an updated version of the software that will reduce the frequency of errors.

Wrapping Out

Try to stay away from these errors by updating the software and maintaining a stable internet connection that will ensure the prevention of the errors that ruin your gaming experience. 

And in the end, we were left with a single option: to connect to the Nintendo Switch support team to collect further assistance.

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