DU Error Code 101636 [Easy Troubleshooting Ways]

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If you think, only you are getting DU error code 101636, then it would not be good to think because- many users are facing this error.

But, don’t worry because there are some simple troubleshooting methods that you can opt-in to resolve this error.

Is there any official announcement or solution for this error code?

At the time of writing this guide, unfortunately, there are no official solutions from DU so that users can try to get rid of this error code. But a lot of users have contacted support, so hopefully, they should know about the issue.

And they are working to provide proper and concrete solutions.

But, if you are plagued with this error and looking for solutions then, keep reading this guide.

In this guide, we have explained some very useful troubleshooting steps that will help you resolve the error code.

What is DU Error Code 101636?

Fix DU Error Code 101636

DU error code 101636 generally appears when DU determines that you need to provide some additional verification of your provided information because the information provided does not match the actual information available.

Since the error is not mentioned in the official error list, it is impossible to tell what the error code actually means.

However, users have encountered this error in various situations –

Some people have encountered this error when opening the checklist log with details, giving you 06G-080 with error code 118337. While some have faced this while purchasing.

How to Fix DU Error Code 101636?

Since the error code is not listed in the DU error list, it is quite difficult to provide any concrete solutions to the error, but, there are some troubleshooting methods that you can still try to get rid of this error.

Follow these troubleshooting steps – 

  1. Verify your Information Cross-check your information again to ensure that everything is valid.
  2. Remove excess ghost properties – The new URLA 1003 has many ghost properties that need to be cleared. Go to 1003 YRLA Part 3-Section 3 > Click “Show All VOMs” on the right > Remove all extra ghost properties.
  3. Clear Property Lines – This may help if you’re getting an error code when making a purchase. Clear the 2 “blank” property lines in the VOM and see if the error is resolved.
  4. Keep track of changes – If you have made any changes to the data you are providing, wait, as this may take some time. So keep an eye on the changes to get your application approved.
  5. Contact Support Team If the error code is still occurring to you even after applying all the above troubleshooting steps then, you can contact to Support Centre at 1-800-232-6643.

Sum Up

Error code 101636 is not in the DU error list. But, you can solve it by implementing some simple steps, which include –

  • Checking your given information once again.
  • By tracking of changes.
  • Deleting additional ghost property.
  • By clearing property lines.

And if nothing helps, contact support.

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