Barclays App Not Working: Get It Working Back In No Time! [2024]

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Barclays App Not Working: Barclays is a British bank that provides online and offline help to people for their financial services. It offers an app (Android and iOS) using which you can manage all your financial services just from your phone. But, like other apps, it is also not immune to issues. 

Fix Barclays App Not Working

In this guide, we will explain the possible reasons why the Barclays app stops working. After that, we will also mention simple troubleshooting steps to get it back working.

Why is the Barclays app not working today?

If the Barclays app is not working, it could be due to any of the following – 

  1. A temporary issue.
  2. Server-side problem.
  3. Bad/unstable internet.
  4. Outdated app or device firmware version.
  5. The app cache or data files are corrupted.
  6. An unknown/undefined issue from Barclays.

Key Note – Most of the time, the Barclays app becomes unresponsive when there is a server-side issue or your internet is unstable or slow.

Are Barclays services down today?

Barclays Server is required to be operational for all banking services to operate. If you suddenly start experiencing problems with its services, it could be due to a problem with the server. 

You can verify its service status by visiting You also have another option to see if there is any issue running with the Barclays services and that is by visiting the downdetector tool

Suggestion: Wait until the issue is resolved by the developers. Once they have completed the work and resolved the issue, services will resume as normal. 

How to troubleshoot the “Barclays app not working” issue if Barclays services are running fine?

Don’t worry, you still have the option to troubleshoot the “Barclays app not working” issue even if Barclays services are running. These steps include – 

Close the Barclays app, Restart your device, and Relaunch the App

If all Barclays services are running fine and the app is still unresponsive then this step may help resolve the issue. Force close the app, restart your phone (Android/iPhone/iPad), and relaunch the app.

Usually, this resolves the issue if it is caused by a temporary glitch.

Check and Resolve Your Internet Issues

Slow/unstable internet may result in the Barclays app becoming unresponsive. So, it is most important to have an internet that is fast and stable. 

Follow these steps – 

  1. Run a speed test of your internet to see its speed.
  2. To get a boost in your internet signal, reboot/restart your router/modem.
  3. You can also consider, power cycling your router/modem.
  4. If the speed is not expected then, call your ISP to look into the issue.

Clear Barclays App Cache and Data

Corrupted Barclays app cache and data may cause the app to become unresponsive. Consider clearing the app cache and data to get the app back working.

Android users: Go to Settings > Apps > Barclays app > Storage > Click on the Clear cache button.

iOS users: Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Barclays App > Swipe left > Tap Offload App.

Update or Reinstall the Barclays App

If the Barclays app is out of date or running an older version the app may sometimes become unresponsive. The best practice to prevent this problem is to update the app or reinstall it.

You can update the app from the App/Play Store or you can also reinstall it – this will automatically install the latest version of the Barclays app. 

Contact Support

If the above steps failed to resolve the issue then the problem may be unknown and caused by Barclays. In this case, the best practice is to contact support. 

To contact Barclays support, visit and select your region to get in touch.

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