WhatsApp Web Scanner Not Working – Here’s What to Do

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Recently, many users have encountered a problem with the WhatsApp Web Scanner that is not working properly. If you are also distressed by this issue, then you may find this blog beneficial.

WhatsApp Web Scanner is a feature that allows you to operate WhatsApp on your computer or laptop as well. However, server issues, an unstable internet connection, an outdated browser, an accumulated cache, and incompatibility with the device may be reasons that annoy you and prevent you from connecting to your PC.

Effective Solutions to Resolve the WhatsApp Web Scanner Issue


Check the WhatsApp server’s health

To operate firmly WhatsApp Web Scanner needs a proper WhatsApp server to perform functions. If the server is facing some maintenance or is down, it may be a reason for the issue. Stick to the official website to get notified of the announcements.

Verify the Internet connection

First, ensure you’re using a stable internet connection. If you have strong stability concerning internet connectivity, then turn it on or off simultaneously for 5–10 seconds.

Update the browser

An older version of the browser disrupts the WhatsApp Web Scanner’s performance and also causes incompatibility issues with the WhatsApp Web Scanner, so make sure you install an updated version of the browser.

Clear Browser Cache

Collecting data and cookies over a long period of time results in interference with the task performed on the browser, which means that the WhatsApp Web Scanner couldn’t operate properly.

Disable Browser Extensions and Security Software

Browser extensions and security software can distress you and cause some difficulty in running smoothly. In that case, you have to remove extensions from your browsers and temporarily close the security software to get rid of the problem.

Switch to a different browser

If the above steps do not yield results, it is time to try a different browser. It may help to resolve the issue.

Close and restart the device

At last, try to reboot your device to deal with the temporary glitches and bugs that might disrupt the performance.

Seek additional help from the Support

If the above-mentioned methods do not work for you, then you go to the Help section of WhatsApp, where you get chats, voice calls, and video call options. By using this, you can tell them your situation and get further assistance.

Bottom Lines

This is all about the “WhatsApp Web Scanner Not Working” issue. We hope you find this blog beneficial and get back to using WhatsApp on your computer and laptop. If there is not a major issue with the WhatsApp Web Scanner, these methods will surely help you resolve your problem. 

But if you fight with the problem after performing these methods, it means you now have to go with further assistance from the WhatsApp Help section.

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