Viaplay Not Working: Easy Ways To Fix [2024]

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Is Viaplay not working on your device? Are you looking for the reasons and solutions to fix this issue? Put this guide in your bag, which will tell you the simple steps- that will resolve this issue for you.

Viaplay is a streaming service like Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, Sling TV, PopcornFlix, Apple TV, etc. This covers a wide range of territory and provides amazing content to stream. But sometimes, users may face issues with this platform. Let’s see what these issues can be.

Common Issues that You May Face with Viaplay

We have included some issues that users may face generally- when they try to use Viaplay.

  • Loading Issue: You may see a loading screen when you just try to open Viaplay. 
  • Black screen/white screen (Blank Screen): This is also a widespread problem that a user may face when he/she tries to access Viaplay.
  • Login or account issues: Viaplay has a login option that sometimes, may be hindered for a user.
  • Playback issue: Users may face issues with their streaming content on Viaplay.
  • Installation issues: Installation of the Viaplay may get hindered.
  • Notifications-related issues: Sometimes, notifications for the platform may stop working.
  • An Error appears on the screen: Errors can’t be ignored, An error may also appear when you are in the streaming or you just try to open the platform.
  • Payment or Purchase Issues: Payment or purchase issues generally happen if the details you are entering for payment are found incorrect. So, if you are facing a payment-related issue on Viaplay, check the details that you are entering and try again. Try another payment method or another card.

So whatever your issue is from the above list- this guide has some prevalent and easy steps. Just follow these steps and resolve your issue with Viaplay.

Viaplay Not Working: Reasons

Viaplay Not Working

Generally, poor internet connection, corrupted cache files, and outdated versions of the app or software of your device can be the reasons why Viaplay may stop working on your device. Additionally, server-side issues or device compatibility may also be to blame.

Plus, if you’re having any issues logging in, you should double-check your credentials.

So if your question is why Viaplay is not working on my device (Samsung Smart TV, LG TV, PC, Android Mobile, iPhone, etc.), you can consider one or more of the above causes. So, one thing is clear Viaplay may stop working on any device, but the reasons can be the same.

Viaplay Service Countries

We are including this section because you should know the countries or regions where services of Viaplay are available. Sometimes, your region settings may also cause issues, as a result, Viaplay may stop working.

As we have found on the Viaplay Group website, Viaplay is available only in a few countries that are Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and the US. 

So, if you are facing issues with the platform, check your region or country settings.

How to Fix the “Viaplay Not Working” Problem?

Here are some very easy steps that may fix the problem- ‘Viaplay Not Working.’ 

  1. Check your Internet Connection.
  1. Check Region and country settings.
  1. Make sure your device is compatible with Viaplay.
  1. Clear cache and app data.
  1. Install the latest updates for your device firmware and the application as well.
  1. Check server status.
  1. Uninstall and Reinstall.
  1. Factory reset your device such as Samsung TV, LG TV, Insignia TV, etc.- If the problem is with your TV device only.
  1. Contact Support.

Fix: Viaplay not working on Samsung TV

If the Viaplay is not working on your Samsung TV, you can follow these simple steps:

1. Cold boot the TV.

2. Update Your TV’s software to its latest version.

3. Delete the Viaplay App from your TV and download it again.

4. As the final resort, reset the Smart Hub on your TV.

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Viaplay Error Code 5001- What does it indicate, and how do you fix it?

Viaplay Error Code 5001 generally indicates that the content that you have selected to stream is not available in your package. To fix this error code- switch your packages under the My Account section, cross-check if your account is active or not, and make sure that you are using the correct account. Additionally, wait for a few days if you have Viaplay through your TV provider and have expanded your range of channels as the data usually takes 24 hours to activate properly. 

Viaplay Error Code 6001

Viaplay Error Code 6001 is very common and generally affects the users who stream content using the Internet Explorer browser. This problem is most likely caused by an external media player called Microsoft Silverlight. However, this error may also appear when a user tries to buy rental films and plays other content such as previews.

How to Fix Viaplay Error Code 6001?

As there can be three situations of getting this error code, you have to perform steps according to yours.

During Buying Rental Films:

  1. If you are facing the error code when you are trying to complete the order from your mobile platform, try using your PC instead. If you are using your computer, then try using a different web browser.
  1. Make sure that there is coverage on your payment card.
  1. Verify that your card is approved for internet shopping.
  1. Double-check the expiry date of the card that you are using for the purchase. 
  1. Update your card information and try again.

During Playing Series, Movies, and Previews:

If Viaplay error code 6001 is appearing during playing series, movies, and previews, then this is most likely due to the content not being uploaded completely yet.

Wait for a while and try again.

Appearing on All Content:

If Viaplay error code 6001 is appearing when you are trying to play any content, then this may occur most likely caused due to an external media player named Microsoft Silverlight. If you are using Internet Explorer to stream Viaplay content, switch to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Clearing the cache of your browser may also help to fix this error code.

Viaplay Error Code 1001 on Samsung TV

Viaplay Error Code 1001 indicates an issue connecting to the server or in simple words, you can say that this error code is a connectivity issue. To fix this error code, check your internet connection, check server status, and update your TV’s firmware & the app to its latest launch. Moreover, if this does not work, force close the app and clear its cache then relaunch it, which may work. Power cycling your TV may also be another solution.

If nothing helps, contact Viaplay Support.

Final Words

We hope you have now found the steps for the issue- Viaplay Not Working. Some error codes are also included in this guide that very commonly appear on the user’s screen. Tell us which error or issue was appearing on your screen and which step had worked for you. Your comment will help us improve.

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