Synovus App Not Working: How to Fix It? [2024]

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Synovus App Not Working: Synovus is an app that provides services like banking, investment, and insurance. It’s an app that helps users manage their finances and their accounts, and it is free to download on the App Store. But recently, many users encountered problems while using the app. If you’re also suffering from the same problem, then this article is for you.

Fix Synovus App Not Working

But, before discussing the fixes, we shed light on the causes so we can precisely choose the solutions. 

The Synovus App will stop working or won’t load if there is any server overload or outage. There are many other reasons too, such as poor internet connection, corrupted files, an outdated version of the app, and incompatibility issues.

Possible reasons

Is the Synovus Server down today?


At the same time, if a large number of users try to operate the app, the server may go down. In such a situation, the status of the server remains intact for a few hours. So be patient and stay tuned to the Synovus App website or social media handles to get further notifications.

Visit to see updates or report an issue.

How do I fix the Synovus app that isn’t working if there is no server issue?

Force Close the Synovus app and Relaunch It

To resolve the issue, you can hard close the Synovus app and opt to relaunch it, which will help to clear the temporary loading issue. 

If you’re an iPhone user, double-click the Home button and swipe up on the Synovus app card. And, if you are an Android user, press the three horizontal lines (lower left corner) and tap the “X” icon to close all apps including Synovus. Now, launch the app again, it should work properly.

Check the internet connection


If rebooting the app can’t resolve the problem, then your internet connection could be responsible. Without a strong, stable internet connection, you can’t keep track of your finances (the Synovus app won’t open). So make sure to switch to a stable internet connection or set up the router to improve the situation.

Reboot the Device

If you can’t conquer the issue yet, then try hard rebooting your device. For Android mobile- press and hold the power button and tap on the Reboot option from the display. For iPhone mobile – press and hold the side button until the power-off slider appears. Now, drag the slider, then wait 30 seconds for your device to turn off. 

Search for the app updates

Installing the latest version of the app might help to get rid of the problem. You can visit the App Store (for iPhone) or Play Store (for Android devices) to check the updates and install them, if available.

Uninstall and reinstall


Sometimes updated apps leave behind previous data, cache, or bugs that may interfere with the app’s functionality. To resolve this issue, you need to uninstall the app from your device and then reinstall the app.

Clear the App Cache

The app cache is important for the smooth functioning of the app. But with time, stored cache may be a reason for the disturbance. 

For Android Open the device’s settings -> Search for the Synovus app -> Tap on storage and cache -> Clear the cache. 

For iPhone Go to Settings -> Click on General -> Tap on the iPhone storage -> Search for the Synovus app -> Now offload the app -> Reinstall the app.

Seek Official assistance

After adopting all the troubleshooting methods, if you are still suffering from the issue, do not hesitate to contact the Synovus support team for further assistance.

Preventive Measures 

  • Check the compatibility between the app and the device.
  • Use a reliable internet connection.
  • Maintain the device software up to date.
  • Regularly update the app.

Final words

Maintaining your finances is itself a complicated task, and if the system isn’t working properly, that also increases the complications. But don’t worry if you follow the above troubleshooting methods. Then you will surely get rid of the issue.

If you are still suffering from the issue, then have patience and try to contact Synovus Customer Support for additional assistance.

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