Steam Deck OS 3.4.10 Update: August 31st (Starfield Update)

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Steam Deck OS 3.4.10 Update: August 31st is the date for releasing this new update. 

Steam Deck OS 3.4.10 Update August 31st (Starfield Update)

The new patch note focuses on fixing the crashing and rebooting issues that users were facing while switching from the upcoming beta OS release.

Some users reported crashing issues with the Starfield game, while some said that the game was stuck on a black screen, waiting for touchscreen interaction.

In this update, these two major issues are resolved. 

Developers have also resolved the rebooting issue with the upcoming beta OS release.

Let’s see what exactly is included in the new patch notes!

Steam Deck OS 3.4.10 Update: August 31st

These are the fixes:

  1. Fixed a GPU driver crash with Starfield
  2. Fixed an issue where Starfield could become stuck on a black screen while launching, waiting for touchscreen interaction.
  3. Plus, fixed hangs on reboot when switching from upcoming Beta OS releases.

Note: You can opt into a new update by going to Settings > System > System Update Channel.

Since the update is focused on the Starfield game, you can say that this update was only launched to solve the issues with this particular game that players were facing earlier. 

The update is available to all Steam Deck users.


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