3 Simple Ways To Fix Spectrum TV App Error Code IGE 9000

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Are you unable to play the Spectrum TV app due to error code IGE 900? This error code can bother you anytime. 

Let’s know more about Spectrum TV App error 900 in this article.

The exact error code appears with a message that says the app won’t open. The error code 900, exactly look like this:

“Spectrum TV App won’t open: error code 900.”

This error code generally appears due to a syncing problem.

Steps to Fix error code 900 on Spectrum TV App

Fix Spectrum TV App Error Code IGE 9000
Fix Spectrum TV App Error Code IGE 9000

There are three simple steps that you can follow and the error code will disappear 🙂.

Reboot your Internet Device

The error code is very common and generally disappears when you reboot your Internet device (Router/Modem).

Sometimes, the spectrum tv app loses sync as a result you face the error code 900. When you restart or reboot your router or modem, the app re-establish the connection that can solve the error code.

This is the best possible solution and hardly takes a few seconds.

Generally, this helps but, if this fails, you can move to the next act.

Update the App

The error code 900 could be a result of an outdated version of the app that you are using on your TV. So, check the update for the app and install it to resolve the error code.

After updating the app, relaunch the app and see the outcome. See if the error code is appearing again or has been shorted out.

If it is appearing, check out the next move 

Update Your TV software

Another way to deal with the error code 900 is to check your TV software. If it is older, there is a possibility that the Shout Factory TV App is throwing the error as a reason.

So, check your TV firmware and install the latest version so that the error code 900 could be resolved.


To fix the error 900 on Shout Factory TV App, reboot your Internet device or power cycle it, as the error code is a result of a syncing issue. Additionally, update the app and check for your TV’S firmware update.

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