Fix Smartthings App Not Working? Official Report Check! [2024]

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SmartThings app allows users to connect their Samsung smart devices like Samsung Smart TV, Samsung Washer/Dishwasher, etc. to operate them using the phone. But a huge number of users are reporting on Reddit that the app is not working, it doesn’t allow them to add a new device. 

Fix SmartThings App Not Working

Why is the Smartthings App Not Working?

Several users have reported on Reddit that the app is not working – it seems that the SmartThings app is experiencing technical issues or glitches.

Here are some possible reasons behind SmartThings app problems

A temporary Issue – There may be a temporary glitch connecting the SmartThings app to its server. Restarting your device and relaunching the app may resolve this.

Network failure – If your internet is slow or unstable, the connection between the SmartThings app and its server may get paused, resulting in the app not working.

An out-of-date version of the app or device’s software – If either your device’s software or the SmartThings app is out of date, it may cause compatibility issues, resulting in the app stopping working correctly.

Server Issues – If the SmartThings app is not working today it could be due to a server issue. The app may be under routine maintenance or some other maintenance work is in progress.

Possible Solutions to SmartThings App Issues

If you are encountering issues with the SmartThings app either on your Android or iPhone mobile, here are some troubleshooting steps that you can try: 

Force Close The Smartthings App, Restart Your Device, and Relaunch the app

This is the easiest way to resolve temporary glitches with the SmartThings app. Due to temporary issues, sometimes the app may fail to establish a connection to its server. When you restart your device and launch the app again, a new connection will be established and temporary issues will be resolved.

Make Sure Your Internet Is Stable

The app connection to the SmartThings app server is dependent on the Internet. If it is unstable, the app will face problems in functioning. Therefore, make sure that your internet is stable and strong enough.

Use Cellular Data While Adding Device To The SmartThings App

If you’re experiencing issues adding new devices to your SmartThings app, it may be because your phone is using a different internet connection instead of its mobile data.

Use your cellular data instead of any other internet.

Update Your Device’s Software and The SmartThings App

The  SmartThings app may fail to load or open if the app version or your device’s software is outdated. Reinstall the SmartThings app to install its latest version on your Android/iPhone/iPad. Plus, install the latest version of your device’s software by accessing the “Settings” and “Updates” sections.

Is there any Official Report?

If you are encountering issues using the SmartThings app, then you can visit the official X (Twitter) page to see if there are any official announcements made related to the app’s services or maintenance.

SmartThings Twitter (X)

You can follow SmartThings’s official Twitter (X) handle to get informed of the latest news and updates. You can also report issues with the app by mentioning @smartthings in your Tweet.

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