How To Fix Parentvue Error Code 10.2 [Simple Steps]

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Using Parentvue, you can access your child’s academic information from anywhere – you just need an internet connection. Parentvue is a web-based mobile app used by schools to provide parents a real-time access to their child’s grades, attendance, assignments, and more.  However, some parents have encountered an error code 10.2 while using this app.

In this guide, you will learn what this error code is and how to troubleshoot it so that you don’t miss your child’s academic information like grades, attendance, assignments, and more.

What is Parentvue Error Code 10.2?

ParentView error code 10.2 is a login error that appears when the platform fails to authenticate your login credentials such as your username or password. Mistakenly typed login credentials are the main reason for this error occurring. Additionally, if your account is not yet activated and you are trying to log in to it, the error may appear.

How to Troubleshoot Parentvue Error Code 10.2?

Troubleshooting Parentview error code 10.2 is very easy and involves very simple steps, which are –

Re-check your Login Credentials

The first step to troubleshooting error code 10.2 on ParentView is to cross-verify the credentials you are entering to log into your account. Sometimes, a typo mistake may occur, resulting in an error.

Make sure your account is verified

Error 10.2 may appear from an unverified account. So make sure your account is verified before logging in.

Check the registered email for the verification link or verify your account using your mobile number.

Reset Your Credentials

If the above steps fail to work, try resetting your login credentials. Once you change your credentials, a new authentication will be processed with the new login information upon login, which may resolve the error code.

Contact School’s Office

If nothing helps, contact your child’s school office to make sure that your account is not disabled from their end.

Additionally, if there is any unknown issue with your account, the school’s team will assist you with that.


What does Parentvue Error Code 10.2 indicate?

ParentView error code 10.2 indicates an authentication failure that may have arisen due to entering incorrect login credentials or a typo error. 

Can I reset my Login Credentials to resolve this error?

Yes, you can reset your login credentials as we have already mentioned above in the troubleshooting steps. This step may solve the error code and let you log in to your account and access your child’s grades, attendance, assignments, and more.

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