Last FM App Not Working: Fix in Minutes [2024]

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Is the Last FM App Not Working? Last FM is one of the best alternatives to SiriusXM. This is a music website that has many tracks on it. This website was founded in 2002 using a music recommender system called “Audioscrobbler”.

Last FM is not only available on the web, but users can also download its application on their iOS or Android mobiles.

Many users recently reported that the application has failed to work on their devices.

If you are also facing problems with the Last FM app, then read this guide and get the solution to your problem.

Last FM App Not Working? Why?

It can happen for many reasons. The main reasons could be corrupted cache files and cookies data, server outage, an old version of the app, poor internet connection, or third-party applications or software (like VPN, antivirus, etc.).

Well, if you are facing issues with the application, it can be due to you or due to the platform itself. Let’s find out why you are facing this issue and how you will resolve this.

Last FM App Not Working: How to Fix?

Last FM App Not Working

These are some simple steps that you can apply and fix- The last FM App Not Working issue.

Check if Your Internet is a Culprit

Check if your device is connected to the internet or not. You can perform a power cycle of your router- just unplug it and leave for 5 minutes then replug and check if the issue has been fixed or not.

Disconnect devices except yours from the internet that you are using for your device. If many devices connect with the same internet, this can overcome the internet signal. If possible, switch to another internet.

Check if Last FM’s Server is Down

A server outage can be the second most possible cause of the dysfunctionality of the Last FM application. So check if Last FM’s server is down or not. You can check it via this link or you can visit Last FM’s official Twitter page to see if many users are reporting issues with it or if the Last FM itself has an announcement related to an issue.

Clear Cache and Cookies Data

Sometimes, several corrupted caches and cookies data are stored on our devices. These corrupted cache data may create issues with the application Last FM. So the best practice is to clear the cache files and cookies data so that the issue can be resolved easily. 

Perform the steps to clear the cache and cookies data and see if this helps or not.

Update The App

If the application has an update that is recently launched, download and install it and see if this resolves the issue or not. 

If you have recently installed any update on your devices such as Android or iOS, restart the device. Sometimes, just restarting the device helps.

Confirm if you have installed any applications or software that are harmful and use many cookies files. If yes, uninstall it then restart your device, and see if this time the Last FM app starts working or not.

Reinstall the App

Uninstall the application and clear the cache and cookies data. After that, go to your app store and search for the Last FM app and download then install it again. Now, see if the application is performing normally or not. If you are still facing the issue then, Last FM support will be your last help.

Last FM Not Scrobbling Spotify: How to Fix?

This is a very common issue among many users, but usually, a missing scrobble becomes visible after some time. Additionally, disconnect and reconnect your Last FM application to your Spotify account to fix this issue. But before reconnecting Last FM to your Spotify account, make sure that you have removed the Last.FM app from the list of your approved apps. 

Also, if there is an issue with Spotify the scrobbling will not work in this case too. You can also check announcements related to the issue on Last FM’s official Twitter page for the latest status.

If you want more details, you can visit this link.

Final Thoughts

Now, we are assuming that the Last FM application is working for you or that the issue- Last FM Not Scrobbling Spotify has been fixed too. If you have any suggestions about the content or you have any questions in your mind, ask us, and don’t hesitate.

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