How To Reset Samsung TV With & Without Remote: Detailed Guide

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If you have issues with your Samsung Smart TV and want to resolve them, then a quick reset will surely help you overcome them. A simple and quick reset is an effective solution to stay with temporary bugs, which further convert into a bunch of problems and disrupt your enjoyment.

How To Reset Samsung TV With & Without Remote

We reset the Samsung TV with or without the remote. So don’t get late; let’s move forward to your bug-free enjoyment.

Reset your TV Without a Remote

  • Turn off your TV by unplugging it from the outlet.
  • Wait for 15–30 seconds and plug it back into the outlet.
  • By using this method, you can remove temporary bugs that may cause issues, and it also does not affect your data.

If you don’t get results with the above method, then you can move forward to the next one.

Reset your Samsung Smart TV with a Remote

Step 1. Press the home button on the remote after starting your smart TV.

Step 2. Then go to the settings.

Step 3. Choose the General option and then select the reset from the submenu.

Step 4. Then your screen demands a 4-digit PIN. If you set a PIN after buying the Smart TV use it or if you didn’t set any PIN for your TV then simply use 0000 to move forward. 

Step 5. A reboot message shows on the screen, then you select yes and start proceeding further, where your smart TV turns off automatically when the process is complete.

Step 6. Restart your TV and complete the settings to get back to your enjoyment.

Seek further assistance

If you didn’t get results by using the methods mentioned above, then you should take advice from the Samsung Call Centre to get an effective solution according to your situation.

Bottom Line 

We hope you will find this article beneficial for you and surely overcome your problem by using this step-by-step guide to reset your Samsung Smart TV.

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